Idle heroes aspen dungeon guide

Aspen Dungeon Guide: Best Heroes and Tips for Aspen

idle heroes aspen dungeon guide

When you start exploring the Aspen Dungeon with your 5 heroes, their stats are snapshotted, meaning all changes to their gears, stones, artifacts, levels etc are.

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This guide is made for S1 on the private server. Some things are different on the seasonal or official servers. A general tip would be to always keep an end-game team in mind. Try to make a good plan that you can build up and improve upon in the future. There is no point in talking about 5 or 6 star heroes. You are quickly over that point. Support heroes who buff your team can help with high burst damage increase teams attack or other attribute.

You can enter the Aspen Dungeon from level It is located right next to the Arena building. It opens once every 4 days, lasts for 48 hours. You can send 5 heroes in total to the Dungeon and try to get into it as deep as you can by fighting different ways of monsters. After every 50 waves, you reach a new milestone. By that way, from the next Aspen Dungeon event, you will start the game from that milestone.

Idle Heroes Aspen Dungeon Guide Detailed Builds and Matchups

Idle Heroes (O) - Testing The Aspen Dungeon Out Post Update





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    Idle Heroes Aspen Dungeon Guide - Detailed Builds and Matchups

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