Wife hires hitman to kill husband

Dalia Dippolito found guilty in third murder-for-hire trial

wife hires hitman to kill husband

"There's no changing," Dalia Dippolito is heard telling an undercover officer. "I'm positive, like percent.".

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Dalia Dippolito teared up as she turned to look at her sobbing mother when the jury announced its verdict after deliberating for only an hour and a half. Related Content Ex-husband testifies in Dalia Dippolito's third murder-for-hire trial Attorney for Dalia Dippolito seeks to quash gag order Dalia Dippolito attorney wants judge to hold prosecutors in contempt Dippolito, 34 and the mother of an infant son, later began sobbing as she sat handcuffed in a corner of the courtroom as bailiffs ordered spectators out. She was remanded into custody. Paramedics were called to the courthouse after she had trouble breathing, but she was later taken to jail. She had been on house arrest for several years. Her ex-husband, convicted conman Michael Dippolito, issued a statement saying he was "5, percent happy" with the verdict.

Skip to this video now. Play Video. Dalia Dippolito says she was just acting when she allegedly asked an undercover cop posing as a hit man to kill her husband. Murder-for-Hire Scheme Taped by Police. Now Playing: Selena Gomez shares images of herself working in a recording studio on social media. Now Playing: College football returns in full swing this holiday weekend. Now Playing: New details in the sudden death of Tyler Skaggs.

Dalia Dippolito, the Florida woman at the center of an alleged murder-for-hire plot that played out on television, is being tried again in a Florida courtroom. A Palm Beach County jury made up of three men and three women began hearing testimony in the case Thursday. They are the third jury to be been impaneled since , in an effort by prosecutors to convict Dippolito for attempting to hire a hitman to murder her husband. Michael Dippolito, her former husband of six months, was the only witness called to testify on Thursday. He is a former scammer who was convicted of organized fraud, grand theft, and unlicensed telemarketing in , but he told jurors that he himself was swindled by his ex-wife.

Isaiah Carvalho Jr. Instead, he was told that his estranged wife, a New York City police officer, had been plotting to kill him all winter. Five months had passed since the year-old had filed for divorce from his wife, Valerie Cincinelli. But after a messy custody battle, the matter appeared almost settled. Law enforcement officers informed Mr.


Florida Woman Accused of Hiring a Hitman to Kill Her Husband Speaks Out

Camera Records Wife Allegedly Hiring Hit Man to Kill Husband: Part 2

Police officer hired hit man to kill her husband and a young girl, officials say





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    Instead, he was told that his estranged wife, a New York City police officer, had been plotting to kill him all winter.

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