I am elizabeth smart review

Review: 'I Am Elizabeth Smart' is a visceral experience

i am elizabeth smart review

We are listening to the sound of her being raped for the first time — in Lifetime’s dramatization of her 9-month abduction, starring Alana Boden as Smart and Skeet Ulrich as kidnapper and rapist Brian David Mitchell. As Boden’s Smart is shrieking and pleading, the camera pans.

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I wanted to offer this review because, as a self-defense teacher and as a film afficianado, I feel I am compelled to give my take on it. The importance of this movie is clear — to let people know how crazy the world can be, how fear overrides a lot of your decision-making, and to tell the unique story of Elizabeth Smart. Save Save. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Archive for I am Elizabeth Smart.

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When you review several films each week, you find a wide variety of movies. Some are good, some are not so good. And then there are those that will haunt you for a bit. I Am Elizabeth Smart is one of those haunting films. While I feel that anything that I write will only cheapen the experience, don't let the lack of a long-winded review fool you. I Am Elizabeth Smart is one of those movies that will elicit a response in you and force you to realize that there are real monsters out there in the real world. As the father of two young children myself, the threat of them being taken is a very real scenario that haunts me each and every day.

A retelling of Elizabeth Smart's abduction from her Salt Lake City home by a There are no featured audience reviews for I Am Elizabeth Smart at this time.
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Smart watched the film once, and found the finished product so accurate that she did not want to watch it again. Elizabeth Smart recaps the time in which she was kidnapped and tells her perspective of it. Brian David Mitchell raped, starved, and drugged her while claiming that he has followers that would kill her family if she doesn't do as he says. She was treated as his "second wife" while captive with the couple. In one of these rituals, Elizabeth was rendered naked and had to choose a female name from the bible to be renamed.

Originally shown on Lifetime in the acting by the fine cast and direction by Sarah Walker tell all. Having seen a lot of the news feeds that followed the kidnapping, this film sums it all up. The film starts with an introduction by Elizabeth Smart now 30 years old married and has children. She shows a quick recall through footage of the scene, photos of her at 14, video taken at the time by news media, shots of the actual kidnappers and with her parents. Why did you not try to escape?

She is facing the camera directly, making eye contact. In what became a much publicized story of disappearance and reappearance, Smart was then just 14 years old, a pretty blonde teenager in Salt Lake City, Utah. She had never had sex before; she had not even begun to menstruate. It does stop, for us. The perspective elevates the dramatization from a titillating scary story to spoken-word horror. Partly this is because Smart herself is an extraordinary human being. In the 15 years since she was abducted and then recovered, Smart has made it a kind of mission to speak publicly about her ordeal and advocate for victims of kidnapping and sexual assault.

TV Review: Lifetime’s ‘I Am Elizabeth Smart’

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