How many babies do chinchillas have

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how many babies do chinchillas have

Chinchilla birth

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Chinchilla Expert. Anytime you house a male and female chinchilla together, you should be prepared for babies. Chinchilla babies are called kits. Average litter size is 2, however litters can range in size from , with litters over 4 being rare. Separate your male and female The first thing you should do in preparation for chinchilla kits is to remove the male from the cage.

Most females mature at about 7 months of age and may be put into breeding at this time. Males should be placed into breeding when they are approximately 7 or 8 months old. Chinchillas should be placed into breeding before they turn 2 years old for optimum ability to breed. A female is capable of breeding back conceiving anytime within the first 72 hours after she has littered. You may put some essential oil between the 2 cages to mask the smell of the other chinchilla if you want.

Chinchillas have a long pregnancy and the gestation period is around days. is small with usually only two babies born, but there can be as many as six.
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Baby chinchillas are adorable, bringing "ooh"s and "ah"s from most people who see the tiny fur balls. Caring for these little tykes begins while they are still waiting to be born, so determining if your female chinchilla is pregnant is important if you want to help her give her babies the best possible care. It is usually difficult to tell if chinchillas are pregnant during the first two months, but by three months the signs should be fairly easy to read. Weigh your female chinchilla on a scale each week and keep track of how heavy she is. If you notice her weight steadily increasing without an obvious explanation, she may be pregnant. Look at your chinchilla's belly. If you notice six red bumps beginning to peek out from her fur, her body is preparing to nurse her babies after they are born.

Chinchillas are popular among pet owners. You may decide you would like to try to breed chinchillas at home to add more furry friends to your household or to sell to other pet owners. Breeding chinchillas requires dedication and preparation, as breeding is big responsibility and should not be done lightly. You will first need to make sure the chinchillas are suitable for breeding and set up an environment for the breeding to take place. You should then allow the chinchillas to breed in a responsible and safe manner.

How to Know When Your Chinchilla Is Pregnant

They mate seasonally based upon the light cycle. In the northern hemisphere, mating season takes place from about November until May.

How Many Babies Do Chinchillas Have?

Chinchillas are rodents that are native to the Andes Mountains of northern Chile. Often kept as pets, chinchillas are also prized for their luxuriously soft fur and were nearly driven to extinction because of the demand. Through selective breeding, however, other colors have become common, including silver, yellow-gray, bluish-gray, white, beige and black. Each hair ends in a black tip, no matter what color the chinchillas are. Chinchilla fur became popular in the s, and the animals were hunted nearly to extinction by About that time, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru banned the hunting of wild chinchillas.




Chinchilla Reproduction Facts



After a days long pregnancy, the chinchilla mother will give birth to a group of fully furred babies (or kits as they are called). How many.
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    Both male and female chinchillas attain full physical maturity when they're around 8 months in age, but sometimes even earlier.

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    White Chinchillas.

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