How to punish a teenager

How to Punish (and How Not to Punish) a Teenage Boy

how to punish a teenager

Sick of Your Child Lying? This is How to Make it Stop.


As your child turns into a teenager, your parenting role is likely to shift. You may find yourself becoming more of a guide, rather than an enforcer. Teens like to test the limits of their independence. Adolescence can be a tumultuous time for teens as they change physically, emotionally, and socially. As friends and romantic relationships grow increasingly important, your teen will want to spend more time with his peers. That means less interest in family time. Your teen will also want more privacy.

For teenagers, discipline is about agreeing on and setting appropriate limits and helping them behave within those limits. When your child was younger, you probably used a range of discipline strategies to teach him the basics of good behaviour. Now your child is growing into a teenager, you can use limits and boundaries to help him learn independence , take responsibility for his behaviour and its outcomes, and solve problems. Your child needs these skills to become a young adult with her own standards for appropriate behaviour and respect for others. An important part of this is learning to stick to some clear rules, agreed on in advance, and with agreed consequences.

Many parents tell me that nothing seems to work, and that coming up with the right thing for their child can seem like an impossible task. Rather, an effective consequence should encourage your child to change his behavior — whether that is abiding by the house rules, or treating people respectfully.
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You just found out that your son has done something really bad. The kind of bad that makes you want to deny you know him. Sometimes your son will mess up. He could be embarrassed, angry that he got caught, ashamed, in denial, or paranoid that everyone is talking behind his back or that this one mistake will forever damage his future. We want our children to realize that while everyone makes mistakes, even really big ones, there is a way back. If they face the consequences with integrity and reflect on what they did, they will be a stronger person for the experience and you will be proud of them. When disciplining children either my own or my students , I frame my response in this way:.

It can be frustrating when your child does not listen to you, or does things you don't agree with. Teenagers are dealing with a lot of emotions and are often going through many physical and emotional changes. It can be difficult to make sure that you and your teen are on the some page. Sometimes, you may feel that it is necessary to discipline your child. There are many steps you can take to make sure that the way you discipline is appropriate and effective.

“Why Don’t Consequences Work for My Teen?” Here’s Why…and How to Fix It









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