How much is a bob ross painting original worth

Original Bob Ross Painting Cost

how much is a bob ross painting original worth

So, an original Bob Ross for sale might cost you a few thousand . Nearly % of the worth of a Bob Ross painting depends on two things.

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Everyone that painted along with Bob Ross knows the wonderful feeling of creating something out of thin air, hanging it on the wall, and have people marvel at your talent. While nothing can match the almost therapeutic buzz you get from painting your own masterpieces a lot of us have thought about buying an original Bob Ross painting. A painting by Bob himself is just something else. Painting along with him is easy, but how hard can it be to buy one? So there should be over paintings from the TV show alone out there, and some of them just have to be on eBay or some other website. It is rumored that in his lifetime Bob made over

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Answered. Bob Ross was the host of the show The Joy of Painting. He claims to have painted tens of thousands of his nature paintings. How much is one worth?.
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Bob Ross was a mythical unicorn. From his perfectly coiffed and permed hair to his gentle demeanor and ASMR voice, there was nobody else like him on TV for decades except maybe Mister Rogers. Ross passed away in at the age of 52 from lymphoma , but you can still catch reruns of his show on public television or stream it online through Netflix, Twitch. By his own estimate, Ross — who started creating art decades before The Joy of Painting launched — created more than 30, paintings in his lifetime. Only about 4 percent of them were created for The Joy of Painting , as Ross painted three copies of each artwork per episode. So what happened to all of his ebony seas and lazy rivers? The best guess is that PBS stations have them hanging on their walls.

So You Want To Buy A Bob Ross Painting

He created a still image on a moving TV projection. Think about what that means?

What Are Bob Ross Paintings Worth? A Bob Ross Painting Sold in Aspen for $2 MILLION.






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    In the market for a genuine piece of artwork by the iconic artist? Good luck. (You’ll need it.)

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