How to build a faux fireplace

How to Build a Faux Fireplace and Mantel

how to build a faux fireplace

Make a FAUX FIREPLACE WITH HEARTH that looks absolutely real! Just a reminder .hurry over and submit your applications for the 'Make It and.

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Have you imagined sitting next to a cozy fireplace in your home, reading a good book, snuggled up with a blanket and hot cocoa only to find out that you have no fireplace…and putting a real one in would just about break your bank account? Yes, I have had that vision many times in my life and that is why when we build our house I was adamant that we have a fireplace built. Then I realized I wanted one in my bedroom…. Believe it or not, they are actually quite easy and often very inexpensive. You will not believe the amount of possibilities that there are when you decide to create a fake fireplace in your home. Keep on reading to see some of the most swoon worthy DIY faux fireplace ideas I have ever seen.

Just a reminder……. Hi Again! Do you remember back to when I made the Faux Fireplace Mantle? Well, YOU, the readers gave me some suggestions and I listened! While the Faux Fireplace Mantle was a super easy way to get that mantle space and feel into my home, it still left me wanting more. Like, a full fireplace more!

Our Remodelaholic motto is builder-grade to beautiful, on a budget. Home renovations start with simple things like paint and hardware changes, but what really takes your home from cookie-cutter to custom are the things that add character and architectural features to your home. We have many skeptics who swear that we must be pulling a fast one, and that our living room can NOT be the same one as in the before pictures. But I promise it is — and that is the beauty of adding statement-worthy features, and what makes it worth all the work to renovate stairs, build bookcases two kinds! So why am I going on today about all of this? She took an average living room and made it sing by adding this gorgeous faux fireplace! Give her a warm Remodelaholic welcome!

Fireplaces are cozy focal points in a home. If your options are even more limited, a faux mantel can bring you that homey vibe as well. The surround and floor-level heart is real tile, and the rest is wood. Check out how she made the faux bricks for the interior of the firebox! This cozy little fireplace was built specifically for the TV atop it! There are multiple hidden storage compartments for different AV components. Amazingly, this fireplace is actually moveable.

How To Build A Faux Fireplace For Your Cozy Home

Follow these instructions to construct an ornate mantle for a faux fireplace to reinforce the holiday cheer—and provide just the spot to hang your stockings., Using Smart Tiles , Jen was able to create a the perfect look in no time. Read on to find out how you can use peel and stick tiles in your home.

If You’re Going to Make It, You Better Fake It–DIY Fake Brick Fireplace

Subscribe to "Homedit" on YouTube to keep up with all of our videos and shows. Fireplaces are useful for heating spaces but, more often than not, their role is a decorative one. A lot of people who have functional fireplaces into their homes rarely actually use them. Of course, this applies to traditional or rustic fireplace designs and not so much to modern fireplaces. That being said, more often than not a faux fireplace would be a great design feature.

Shara is a math nerd with a passion for corny jokes, coffee, power tools, and building things in the woodshop. This is beautiful….

Make a FAUX FIREPLACE WITH HEARTH…that looks absolutely real!

Because those are always the best anyway, right? But then one night mid-Netflixathon, Robert had the idea to move the big black box to our stairway wall. Because it really was a pain in the neck literally to look up at that big screen sometimes. Once our DIY antique printers cabinet media console entered the room, it gave us free reign for our fireplace! And that meant the log end door we had made to hide all of the cords feeding down to the outlet behind the fireplace could go buh-bye. It was a big job though, so of course we had to hire an extra pair of hands.




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    Jun 3, What if I told you I had 13 stunning DIY fake fireplace ideas you will want in your home today! Click here to see them all and be inspired to make.

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