How to be an empath

16 Signs That You’re An Empath and 10 Ways To Help You Cope

how to be an empath

An empath is someone who is highly sensitive to the emotions of others. They feel everything — sometimes even physically.

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Do I frequently get overwhelmed or anxious? Do arguments or yelling make me ill? Am I drained by crowds and need alone time to revive myself? Am I over stimulated by noise, odors, or non-stop talkers? Do I prefer taking my own car places so I can leave early if I need to? Do I overeat to cope with stress?

Jump to navigation. These are the listeners, the feelers, and the ones you turn to in times of trial. Empathy is a trait that anyone can learn, but natural empaths have a unique ability to go below the surface and see your soul, and accept you where you are.
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Having recognized that we are all a part of a collective consciousness, setting healthy boundaries is an essential. Setting boundaries is a tricky one as, having put up layers of armor for years to protect yourself, the understanding that you need to do precisely the opposite can take a while to get your head around. Letting down the barriers in order to avoid attracting negativity through your own fear of it can take some guts, but opening the flood gates may not be as terrible as you might think. Being authentic and the soft and loving person you really are actually attracts those positive vibes you are seeking, and while it may take a few days or weeks to get going — like a wheelbarrow that is stiff at first then picks up speed after those one or two difficult turns of the wheel, the positivity will come flowing in if you are consistently let the boundaries down. Having said that, the moment someone does try to take advantage, or convince you to go against your own truth, simply viewing them do this without victimization can be incredibly freeing.

Has anyone ever told you that you are too sensitive or too emotional? Do you feel drained when you spend time around certain people? Do you feel anxious in crowds? When a friend of yours is feeling particularly happy or distressed do you find yourself feeling these same emotions? If your answers to these questions are yes, you might belong to a special group of people known as empaths. Empaths are highly sensitive individuals, who have a keen ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling. Psychologists may use the term empath to describe a person that experiences a great deal of empathy , often to the point of taking on the pain of others at their own expense.

How to Stay Emotionally Balanced If You’re an Empath

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Are You an Empath? 20 Question Self-Assessment Test

They filter the world through their intuition and have a difficult time intellectualizing their feelings. As a psychiatrist and empath myself, I know the challenges of being a highly sensitive person. When overwhelmed with the impact of stressful emotions, empaths can have panic attacks, depression, chronic fatigue, food, sex and drug binges, and many physical symptoms that defy traditional medical diagnosis. The first step is to acknowledge that you are an empath. See if you can relate to them. Empaths are highly sensitive Empaths are naturally giving, spiritually open, and good listeners.

We tend to think of empathy as something that is fixed rather than something which can be learned or improved, but, in reality, you can train your brain to be more empathetic just like you can train it in other ways. While your current ability to empathize with others is largely down to your genes and experiences as a child, the adult brain remains capable of plastic change right up to the end of life.

Become An Empath With These 8 Brain Training Tips



Empaths have strengths that are wonderful to develop. Bring them out fully with these 5 steps.
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