How to counter mega knight

Clash Royale Poison Mega Knight Miner Deck Arena 11+ 2019

how to counter mega knight

Counters to Mega Knight 37/ Cards that counter Mega Knight fully or partially. Cards that are effective in stopping Mega Knight or help mitigate the damage.

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How to counter Mega Knight and how to use Mega Knight! Advanced tips and tech near the end. To win the Mega Knight challenge, I recommend focusing on how to counter him. Dat feeling when u can stop P. When playing against ekka, I usually distract it with either a skarmy or a witch and use the megaknight to take out support units. I am in arena 10 and everyone has a mega knight except me and when they put him, I always get scared but when I started to use P.

Learn how to counter him here. Written by: Tristan C. The Mega Knight is known as a 7-elixir unit that jumps and smashes its target severely. It is an AoE unit that can swiftly clear a team of incoming threats. The strength of this legendary unit is its whole existence. Users can play this unit just like how they play a Golem or a Lava Hound deck. Right now, there are so many speculations on how they will deal with this Legendary.

Hey guys! Its Blaze Stone back with another guide for you all! Today, I will be talking about one of the strongest card in the game at the moment: The Mega Knight! It is a beefy tank with HP and does Splash damage! It deals dmg Same as The Log per hit.

How to Counter the Mega Knight

This is an off-meta deck that in this meta struggles finding a place due to lot of splash hitters and spells. It works very well with almost all archetypes.



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