How to use a jointer


how to use a jointer

Learn how to use a jointer in a few simple. It's hard to beat a jointers precision and repeatability when creating the perfect woodworking joints.

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While the table saw and surface planer are the tools of choice when a piece of stock needs to be cut to a certain thickness, neither of these tools can properly do its job until one edge or face of the stock is flat. The best power tool for that job is the jointer. A jointer quickly smooths and flattens the edge of a board while cutting it square to an adjacent edge. Once this is done, the board is ready lie flat against a table saw fence or table for a straight cut. A jointer is little more than a rotating cutter head with two or three finely tuned blades in between two small, flat tables.

A jointer planer or a surface planer is a very useful machine employed in woodworking. After wooden boards are cut with a saw, the rough edges can be planed using this piece of equipment. A jointer planer can also be used to narrow down boards to fit into a certain area or space. When you are making window jambs or doors, this tool can be used to ensure that the wooden pieces create a degree angle. Wear safety gear such as goggles and gloves when working with machines that pose danger. Before using the jointer planer, make sure that the cutting guard on the machine is in position. Do this safety precaution every time you make use of the machine.

A jointer or in some configurations, a jointer-planer also known in the UK and Australia as a planer or surface planer , and sometimes also as a buzzer or flat top is a woodworking machine used to produce a flat surface along a board's length. As a jointer, the machine operates on the narrow edge of boards, preparing them for use as butt joints or gluing into panels. A planer-jointer setup has the width that enables smoothing 'surface planing' and leveling the faces widths of boards small enough to fit the tables. The jointer derives its name from its primary function of producing flat edges on boards prior to joining them edge-to-edge to produce wider boards. The use of this term probably arises from the name of a type of hand plane , the jointer plane , which is also used primarily for this purpose.

Many woodworking projects require the ability to render a perfectly square edge on a board. There are many ways to perform this task, but nothing matches the performance, precision and repeatability delivered by the motorized jointer. Getting the jointer to deliver on its potential is not particularly difficult but, like most things, it requires proper procedure which can be broken down into a few simple but important guidelines. If you learn how to use a jointer, Do it right, and you will be rewarded with a lifetime of better joints. On the other hand, glossing over these techniques can lead to frustration, or serious problems in your projects. Understanding the machine that you are working with is critical. Most jointers provide some convenient features that help make the jointing process more predictable.

Which Comes First: Planer or Jointer?

6 Jointer Pointers

Woodworking can be tricky, especially if you do not have enough experience in this activity. And even if you have already done a number of projects, being introduced to new equipment can leave you a bit confused. One of the equipment that you need to master operating in woodworking is the jointer. It is essential in making a perfectly squared edge from a board. While there is a variety of methods on how you can square the edges of boards, the jointer guarantees a more precise and efficient method of doing this task. The main challenge that you have to face is maximizing the potential of the master jointer but once you get past this, you can ensure that it will deliver quality results.

These simple techniques will ensure that your jointer really earns its keep. You'll not only appreciate this workshop workhorse more, you'll get better results and great production, too. Always joint downhill. When edge-jointing, you have to read the grain for the correct direction to feed the stock to avoid tear-out. As shown in Drawing A , feeding stock with the grain running "downhill" from the outfeed table and away from the knive's rotation produces the best results.

Woodworking is a great hobby for many DIYers as well as professionals. However, one of the most confusing aspects is about the difference between jointer and planer tools. Read on to find out all about them. Some of the confusion that comes into play regarding these tools is the fact that the names used for them also have counterparts. For instance, in many cases a jointer is actually referred to as a jointer-planer, and in many other cases it is just called a planer. To add to the confusion, there is also a planer tool for metalworking, which does very different things in relation to its woodworking counterpart.

How to Use a Jointer: 9 Easy Steps with Safety Tips!

Every woodwork project brings out the beauty of its appearance when all the necessary finishing is done, properly. Well, there are many finishing processes in the woodwork profession but all of them draw down to the quality of the product. Just as every tool in woodwork serves its particular purpose, a jointer comes in handy when you want to create smooth, flat surfaces along the edges of a wood piece. Now, attaining this perfectly even surfaces with the jointer can be quite uneasy, especially for beginners. Before attempting to use the tool, you might want to familiarize yourself with the parts of the jointer and their various functions. A proper jointer consists of. Having acquainted the significant parts of the tool, we can now carefully see how all these components work together to provide the smoothness of a wood piece to its optimal quality.






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