How to open a dispensary in michigan 2018

Opening a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

how to open a dispensary in michigan 2018

How to enter Cannabis Industry - Start a Business


With a large population of marijuana users and legalization set to come in just a few weeks, Michigan is one of the best places to start a marijuana business in the US. Michigan is the tenth state to legalize marijuana for recreational use with the law expected to go into effect starting December Many people may wonder how to start a dispensary in Michigan. Despite recreational legalization only coming recently, MI already has a booming marijuana industry. Purchasing and using marijuana for medical purposes was legalized in Michigan in

On November 6, , Michigan voters passed Proposal 1 , making it the first state in the Midwest to authorize a recreational marijuana market. This provided an additional source of medicine for medical marijuana patients who previously had to cultivate their own, under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act Proposal I of There is no deadline to complete the medical marijuana license application. Proposal 1 assigns responsibility for licensing and regulating recreational medical marijuana businesses to LARA as well. With the legalization of adult-use marijuana in November , these values will only increase.

Interested in opening your own marijuana dispensary? Check out the guide below to learn more about the laws, licenses and requirements for marijuana retailers. When it comes to marijuana laws, the fifty states might as well be fifty different countries. Sometimes, a short walk or drive is all you need to find yourself subject to vastly different regulations. For instance, in Idaho, marijuana is prohibited, even for medical use. Just across the state line in Washington, however, adults 21 and over can walk into a pot store and go home with bud, edibles, oils, and more.

How to Start a Dispensary in Michigan

First licenses medical marijuana retail sale in Michigan

Open a Dispensary in Michigan

The state is currently open to Medical Marijuana Facilities. On November 6, , Michigan became open to recreational marijuana businesses. The regulations have provisions for:. As of right now, the state has yet to establish an application process and the law does not specify when the licensing applications need to be made available for recreational marijuana businesses. If you're not sure where to start, what the requirements are and a host of other critical to-do items, grab our Starter Package for insider details about everything you should be doing right now that no one will tell you about. To get ahead and be prepared for starting marijuana businesses, you should:. The state allows potential business owners to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Michigan.

This law, which became effective as of December 6, , made Michigan the first state in the Midwest to authorize a market for recreational marijuana use. It also authorized a new type of marijuana business license here in Michigan— the microbusiness license. With the progression of this law, we can predict a few ways the MMMA will dictate the future of recreational marijuana. One golden rule applicable to both medical and recreational marijuana users is that you cannot drive under the influence of marijuana. Another key rule is that marijuana is prohibited in schools and places where children are prevalent. As learned through case law from alleged violations of the MMMA, caregivers are not allowed to grow marijuana plants for one another, even if you all have a license to do so.






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