How to become a purser on a cruise ship

Cruise Ship Purser Jobs

how to become a purser on a cruise ship

How to Work on a Cruise Ship - Picking a Position

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Pursers handle all the financial matters on a cruise ship as well as many administrative tasks. Pursers also share information about the ship to both passengers and crew members. The Purser's Desk is typically centrally located in the ship for easy accessibility to passengers and crew. If the purser can't answer a question, he'll be able to refer the person to someone who can. When stationed at the Purser's Desk, crew pursers make change for passengers and cash personal checks. They also make change, answer questions and check paperwork for crew members.

My job title already tells you what my main task is. I am dealing with all administration for the crew members on-board. In general, all people who work on-board a cruise ship are divided into Officers, Staff and Crew. It is my responsibility to take care of everything, administration wise, for all workers on-board. My day starts around 7 am, depending what time the ship arrives in port. We need to do a clearance of the ship when we arrive in every port, so I must have all the papers ready which are required by the officials. These always include crew lists and crew effects ie what each crew member has in their possession, such as cameras, jewelries, computers, etc.

At Celebrity Cruises, we believe that great vacations begin with great employees! As a leader in the cruise line industry, Celebrity is continuously expanding and seeking dynamic, energetic, experienced professionals to join our team. With our innovative, award-winning fleet of ships visiting five continents, each offering adventurous ways to explore the globe, this is a great opportunity to let your career set sail. In addition to other requirements, potential employees must have at least one year of related experience in a four or five star hotel, resort or cruise ship. Your privacy matters. We use cookies to analyse site usage, provide social media features and personalise content and ads.

Apprentice Purser

How To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship

Which is why I brought in the perfect person to teach you how. This article is part of an ongoing series created to help you land awesome travel jobs and seasonal work so you can travel the world and get paid to do it. Each article in this series was written by an expert who has actually lived the experience so you can learn about the reality of the job and the unique lifestyle that goes with it. Get ready to have your mind totally blown ó into the water that is ó because for cruise ship crew members, getting paid to visit ports around the globe is just one of the MANY perks of cruise ship jobs. If providing excellent customer service while exploring new ports around the world sounds like a dream come true, maybe a life at sea is the perfect fit for you. My father was a Captain on cargo ships and for many of his contracts, my mother and I joined him onboard. For the most part we travelled along the southern coast of the US through to South America, via the Panama Canal, delivering goods like Del Monte bananas.

Facebook Twitter. Crew Purser is responsible for: Keeping an accurate payroll. Onboard crew accounts. Crew Safety Box deposits and Crew Welfare accounts and administration. Crew Cabin assignment.





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