How do tire warranties work

Why Tread-Life Warranties are Next to Useless

how do tire warranties work

Tire Warranties: Car Expert, Lauren Fix

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We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. For that reason and others, Consumer Reports painstakingly performs vehicle treadwear testing and rates tires for tread-life. And now, we are introducing comparative mileage projections. See the complete tire Ratings. Of course, your actual mileage will vary by what, where, and how you drive among many other factors.

How do tire warranties work? We expect a lot from our tires. We expect them to support the weight of our vehicle and the passengers inside, to handle our daily.
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For example, if you bought tires that came with a 40,mile warranty from Discount Tire and you only put 30, miles on them before they were evenly worn down, your local store manager will likely work with you to come up with a credit of 25 percent of the original purchase price on the spot while we sort out the details of the actual warranty reimbursement with the tire manufacturer. First off, pretty much every type of basic all-season, all-terrain, passenger, summer, touring and truck tire offers some kind of warranty ranging from 20, miles up to , miles for select highway tires. The reason why is fairly simple: the sidewall composition and rubber compounds used in these kinds of tires generally deteriorate more rapidly or are considered special-use applications. However, for those tires that do carry a manufacturer warranty there are a few steps to take to prolong it for as long as possible. A few featured components include the following:. But it can be hard to tell when a tire is beyond this threshold, especially to the naked eye. Learn about other ways to measure tread depth with gauges or coins here.

How do tire warranties work?

Want help? We investigated and have the answer sort of. We expect a lot from our tires.




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