How old are lebron james kids

Lakers' LeBron James explains why he lets his sons, ages 14 and 11, drink wine with him

how old are lebron james kids

LeBron Raymone James Jr nicknamed "Bronny", is an American basketball player who attends His father commented, "It should be a violation, you shouldn't be recruiting year-old kids." In June , ESPN reported that he held offers to.

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As he opens his new school in Akron, and reinvents himself as a Laker, LeBron also confronts having grown up without a father. T oday, LeBron James celebrates what he calls the greatest moment of his life with the opening of his I Promise elementary school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The school is geared specifically toward at-risk youth many of whom remind James of himself. Yet, the keyword in LeBron Sr. The statement carries a multitude of emotions: love, fear and, as James mentioned, regret. And the kind of knowledge that only comes from growth. On Jan.

LeBron James is one of the best basketball players in history, but he doesn't discuss it much with his kids. On Saturday, James spoke at Nike's "Own the Game" exhibit in Charlotte, North Carolina, for All-Star Weekend and explained that he doesn't talk about his career with his three children because they ultimately will have to find their own way in life. I can give them the blueprint, their mother will give them the blueprint, their grandmother's gonna give them the blueprint and grandfather can give them the blueprint, but at the end of the day, they're going to have to walk their own path. They're gonna have to decide what's best for them. Bronny has gained notoriety as a young basketball prospect.

LeBron James ' kids have gotten a taste of his stardom simply by hanging around the NBA icon over the years. Asked this week in advance of his Los Angeles Lakers debut what kind of pop culture he's picked up from younger teammates, LeBron told reporters that his two oldest sons -- LeBron Jr. In an apparent effort to prove his sons are up to date with his young Lakers teammates, James revealed a little secret about the boys' drinking habits in the process. That's how mature they are. Pause for a second and imagine the James household.

LeBron Raymone James Jr. In his childhood, James played several sports including basketball and soccer , but his father did not allow him to play American football or ice hockey over safety concerns. He joined Sierra Canyon with his brother Bryce and incoming senior Zaire Wade, son of basketball player Dwyane Wade , a longtime teammate of James' father. Boston and Ziaire Williams. I need to offer him a scholarship. James was born on October 6, to LeBron James , age 19, and his longtime girlfriend now wife Savannah Brinson , who first met while attending St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio.

However, there is one major problem with this fantasy scenario. At present the NBA's collectively bargained age requirement is somewhat controversial. Yet, despite these arguments in favor of the league's minimum age rule, the NBA age requirement is not necessarily a good thing for basketball fans, or for graduating high school seniors with elite basketball talent. This leaves a required gap year for these athletes to play college basketball, compete overseas, or simply stay home and wait as New York Knicks second-round draft pick Mitchell Robinson did this past year. This is because for many years the NBA and its players thrived without a minimum age rule.

LeBron James Jr.

But none of them were present for the biggest draw on Court 5 one day last week at the Peach Jam tournament, where hundreds of spectators lined up three hours before an afternoon game that featured players 15 and younger. While college coaches bided their time to get a peek at LeBron Jr. -


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