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where i m at eminem

Eminem ft Lloyd Banks - Where I'm At Lyrics 720p

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It was released on December 6, , the same day as the album was released, as the lead single. It was thought at the time that this album would mark the beginning of an extended musical hiatus for Eminem, who had said "I'm at a point in my life right now where I feel like I don't know where my career is going This is the reason that we called it Curtain Call , because this could be the final thing. We don't know. The song's lyrics pertain to Eminem's life as a celebrity musician interfering with his family. Eminem uses imagery to evoke a feeling of sadness about his family falling apart. The music video for the song was directed by Anthony Mandler.

Break ups are hard to do. Good review. Banks got Em on this one. The rest of the album dope though. Classic Banks, not a classic album, but classic Banks.

The song's lyrics and music video parodied Michael Jackson's child molestation trial, his plastic surgery on his nose, and the incident where his hair caught on fire shooting a Pepsi commercial.
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Yeah, you got me, I'm up now It's your loss, it'd suck to be you History is like a cordon, no relay It keeps repeating itself and what else can I say? You wonderin' why I act this way I never should've gave you the time of day Guess you know what time it is now, eh? There must've been a gust of wind 'Cause you change your mind every time it blows And you just changed it a-mu'fuckin' gain You just said you just wanted some dick before I stuck it in I wouldn't have been such a prick to you Fuckin' men, you say you don't trust 'em Why do I hear the sound of toilets flushin'? Some shit is goin' down You must've just not have been truthful from the start See for me it'd be nothin' to say you never had my heart But I'd be lyin' Fuckin' see why they call this bullshit a relationship, ships sink And you know it's love soon as you fall in it 'cause shit stinks And it seems like every time I fuckin' do, I get jinxed Cupid must've put a curse on me Six weeks have went by and we only spoke twice I'm sittin' in your driveway calling you from the car, suffice I think it's safe to say you're not at home I'm calling your cell phone, you answer but I can tell though That you're not alone, how was I to know? Been through with everything that I got, fuck you Ain't no secret, no apologies, you keep it Now that I'm doin' my thing and you peep it The badder times all outweigh the recent Your energy, who needs it?

When I'm Gone (Eminem song)

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Notify me when Eminem comes to my area. Lloyd Banks Ft. Eminem - Where I'm At m. Hey guys this is one of my favorite songs and it seems pretty unheard of. Both Eminem and Banks kill it so I hope you guys that haven't heard it enjoy!



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