Cheese bridge area secret exit

Cheese Bridge Area

cheese bridge area secret exit

Mario attempting to get to the secret exit. To access the shortcut that leads to Soda Lake, the player should have a Yoshi and a Cape.

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Game Reviews - add yours. On cheese bridge area I know there is a secret because the dot where the level is is red can someone please tell me the secret on cheese bridge area please. There are a few levels just like this one. The point is to fly OVER the goal instead of into it. I actually would not use yoshi, but a purple yoshi could also work. If you are an expert cape flyer, though, fly as soon as possible and continue to gain height, never stopping. If you use a purple yoshi, find the regular goal but go back, eat a shell or koopa, and fly over it.

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This level does contain a secret exit. However, if you went through the level, you should have noticed no traces of one existing. The map reveals it easily; the secret exit is hidden behind the normal exit. To reach it, you will need to fly beneath the normal exit and then rise back up through the floor. This is possible with the cape, but it requires a great deal of flying skills. An easier way is to use Yoshi. Get him to the last platform before the goal tape.

How can I get the second exit? Chocolate Island 2 secret ending? world game contain a hidden level in the blue icon on the ladder of yoshi's island area?.
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It can be accessed through completing 3 Lemmy's Castle. By completing this level, the player gains access to Cookie Mountain. By going through the secret Giant Gate in the level, the player can gain access to Soda Lake. This is smaller than the Butter Bridge, which is above it. The Cheese Bridge only contains one level, but the level contains a secret exit that leads down into the hidden area of Soda Lake and a Star Road warp. The entire level can be passed by flying with a Cape Feather. The Chainsaw obstacle makes its first and only appearance in this level.


On cheese bridge area I know there is a secret because the dot where the..





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    Super Mario World/Cheese Bridge Area . Adventurous players who discover the secret exit will find a 3-up moon waiting This level does contain a secret exit.

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