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Eye to Eye (I 2 I) A Goofy Movie

a goofy movie eye to eye

Songs, A Goofy Movie songs, Closing songs. "Eye to Eye" (AKA: "I 2 I") is a song from the Disneytoon Studios film, A Goofy Movie, performed by Tevin Campbell as the character Powerline. The song is featured in the film's climactic scene, where Goofy and Max wind up on stage.

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The s produced a ton of millennial-friendly nostalgic relics, but none encapsulate the decade more than the movies of the Disney Renaissance. A period of time that stretched about ten years, the Disney Renaissance was a golden era of children's films that produced a flawless run of critically acclaimed animated movies like Beauty and the Beast , Aladdin , and The Lion King. The only thing wrong with the way some people remember the Renaissance is that, in most cases, they only include the ten films that were produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation now known as Walt Disney Animation Studios. Despite not being accepted by extremely picky Tumblr nerds as a Renaissance film, as it was produced by DisneyToon Studios, A Goofy Movie is largely considered a cult classic among black millennials. Aesthetically, the cultural references in the film are clear. From the female protagonist being a light skinned girl named Roxanne, to the white boy named Bobby voiced by Pauly Shore getting in just as much trouble as Max, but somehow feeling way less worried about his parents finding out.

I got myself a notion, one I know that you'll understand To set the world in motion by reaching out for each other's hand Maybe we'll discover what we should have known all along One way or another together's where we both belong.
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Lilo and Stitch. My Hero Academia. Spongebob Squarepants. Stranger Things. The Little Mermaid.

The film was also dedicated to Pat Buttram , who died during the film's production. Taking place a few years after the events of Goof Troop , A Goofy Movie follows Goofy and his son, Max , who is now in high school, and revolves around the father-son relationship between the two as Goofy takes Max on a fishing trip out of fear that Max is drifting away from him, unintentionally interfering with Max's social life, particularly his relationship with Roxanne, his high school crush. Disney came up with the idea to make a theatrical animated film starring Goofy while considering ideas for a potential Goof Troop TV special. Lima wanted to flesh out Goofy as a character and "give him an emotional side" that would resonate with audiences. Much of the cast from the show reprised their roles, including Farmer as Goofy, Paulsen as PJ , and Cummings as Pete , whereas Dana Hill was replaced by Marsden as Max's voice due to the character's age difference. Despite receiving mixed reviews, it has since attained a cult following , particularly among people that grew up with the film. A direct-to-video sequel to the film titled An Extremely Goofy Movie was released on February 29,


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