Mtv movie award for best kiss

Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams 2005 : MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss

mtv movie award for best kiss

Here's a look back at all the Best Kiss winners at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, including Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling's steamy kiss.

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In honor, we're looking back at previous winners in certain categories and ranking them. Today: Best Kiss. As one of the original Golden Popcorn awards, Best Kiss has a history of being awarded to kisses that ran the gamut from iconic and sexy to forgettable and funny. This year is a little all over the place, with nominees from two third-tier superhero films in "Aquaman" and "Venom," two Netflix originals in "Sex Education" and "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" and everyone's favorite teen drama, "Riverdale. Don't believe us? Take a look at these past winners. We're ranking this one so low because it's really retrograde!

The young stars used their time onstage to share an empowering message. This represents more than a kiss. This is for those who feel like the othersders, the misfits — this represents us. In Cruel Intentions , Gellar and Blair earned their golden popcorn with a super-close-up make-out complete with a string of spit. Despite first jokingly insisting they had no chemistry, Wilson and Devine went there — and then went even further — during their speech.

The only thing more iconic than the golden popcorn statuettes that get handed out to the winners is the Best Kiss category. The award has led to some outrageous bits in the past — like Seth Rogen making out with his "mom" in — but also some sweet examples of true love that have been stamped into the pop-culture zeitgeist. In honor of the ceremony, which was taped Saturday night but will be broadcast Monday on MTV, we're counting down the best Best Kiss winners in history. So grab your chapstick and let's do this. It's funny until it gets awkward because they keep their faces mashed together for an extremely long time — like longer than a Family Guy extended bit amount of time. The key to a good Best Kiss acceptance speech is passion and few have had more passion than when Briana Evigan and Robert Hoffman sucked face after their win, in It started out awkward, with Rob kissing around Briana's face, but then the two got into it for a memorable make-out session, proving why they deserved that gold popcorn over their competition.

All 26 MTV Movie Awards “Best Kiss” Winners, Ranked

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As we wait to see which duo takes home the award at this year's ceremony, let's take a trip down lip-lock lane! Check out the pics below and relive the Best Kiss nominees over the years!





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