Best way to clean beauty blender

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best way to clean beauty blender

Fastest and Easiest way to clean makeup sponge & brushes

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The best way to clean your beauty blender is with any of our Blender Care products. The good news is, achieving a spotless blender is much simpler than you think. Our cleansers are custom made for the exclusive beautyblender foam; they effectively clean and condition the blenders without causing any damage. The formula is gentle enough for makeup brushes as well. For a deeper clean, use keep. Can't decide which cleanser is for you?

A: God bless those teardrop foundation applicators, they have become a cosmetic routine essential. But a dirty makeup sponge is not the best thing to put on your face. So make sure you remember to clean your beauty blender regularly: give it a good wash with your choice of cleanser, rinsing it until the water runs clear and the sponge is soft. And to kill those nasty germs and prevent mould, you might want to try a zap in the microwave. A beauty blender is a makeup sponge used to apply foundation. When the program started shooting in HD you could see the lines caused by the sharp edges of traditional makeup sponges. So Rea set to work to come up with something better.

Do you know how to clean a beauty blender to make it last longer? Try our easy cleaning methods for the best way to clean makeup sponges and beauty blenders. Of course, anything reusable needs to be kept in good condition with regular cleaning and maintenance. You can buy specialist cleaners to clean your makeup sponges and beauty blenders, but these homemade options can work just as well. Simple dishwashing soap can do a great job cleaning makeup sponges:. The best way to clean makeup sponges and beauty blenders is after every use. Replace them roughly every 3 months depending on use.

Ahhh, the beloved Beauty Blender! Probably because they allow you to blend in your foundation smoothly and effortlessly, and they give you a streak-free and dewy finish to your face. Buuuut there is just one downside to this praised makeup tool - they can be SO tediously hard to clean. But fear not beauty lovers! Ok so there are many tips and tricks out there online that tell you how to clean a beauty blender. But some of them are less than ideal.

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Use three pumps of dish soap, one for each side and one for the bottom. - Wanna laugh at a joke?



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