When to prune holly bushes

Can Cutting Back a Holly Bush Kill It?

when to prune holly bushes

Gardening Tips : How to Prune a Holly Bush


Hollies Ilex spp. Depending on the variety, hollies can grow in U. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 to 9. Many types need only light pruning to retain their natural shape, but you can also prune them more formally for a hedge. Some holly varieties have sharp, serrated leaves that can cut and prick during pruning. Wear heavy gloves and long sleeves to avoid injury.

While it is not necessarily ideal to prune them during this time period, we can say this much with certainty: that it is, at least, safe to prune them at this time. When you winter-prune a shrub that blooms on old wood, in doing so you are potentially cutting back on the number of flowers that will appear on the plant during the following growing season. The trade-off is sometimes worthwhile because you are choosing a time to prune that is safe for the plant. At other times of the year, pruning may leave the plant vulnerable to diseases or spur new growth that will be damaged by frost. We typically prune flowering shrubs that bloom on old wood in spring just after the blooming period is over.

Hollies Ilex spp. They include some of the few evergreen shrubs that grow equally well in sun or shade. Other varieties have a columnar growth habit that is suitable for tight, narrow spaces. They are all tough and resilient landscape plants that be cut back regularly without fear of harming the plants. Depending on the variety, hollies can be grown in U.

Holly is a popular and decorative garden plant which ranges in size from 2 to 40 feet. This article was co-authored by Katie Gohmann.
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With lush, evergreen foliage and bright berries among most varieties, holly bushes make attractive additions in the landscape. These shrubs are commonly grown as foundation plantings or hedges. Some, like English holly, are even used as decorative displays throughout the Christmas season. While their year-round beauty is often seen as an asset among other landscape plantings, some types of holly bushes can become unwieldy if left unpruned. Therefore, trimming holly bushes is important for keeping their overall appearance in tip-top shape. A common question is when to prune a holly bush plant.

Few plants are more versatile than hollies. With their textural foliage, ornamental berries, and varied growth habit, it is easy to see why this genus is hugely popular with gardeners around the country. For the most part, hollies are a diverse group of plants that have unique traits and acclimate easily to many different environments. But just like good soil, adequate nutrients, and sun, proper pruning is important to keep hollies healthy and beautiful. Timing is an important factor when pruning hollies. Whenever you prune your plants, they typically send out new growth, which is susceptible to sudden drops in temperature and frost. Depending on the look you want and the type of shrub you have, pruning can give hollies either a formal shape or, with thinning, an informal look—and keep them looking good year-round.

When Is the Best Time for Pruning Holly?

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When & How to Prune Holly Bushes

My holly has grown so well that it's covering our windows. I would like to give the bushes a really good pruning. What is the right time of year to do this? Well, you know probably all know that I always warn against pruning in the fall. Fall pruning is especially bad for Spring bloomers like azaleas, rhododendrons and lilacs because those plants make the following year's flowers in the summer. But fall is when people always seem to have too much time on their hands AND when they suddenly notice that their decades-long neglected plants have—shockingly—grown "too big".

Deciduous holly bushes need much more pruning than evergreen hollies to flower. Though a holly bush's rich green foliage can decorate a garden year-round, you may need to trim your shrub to keep it shapely. Thinning branches can help expose remaining branches to more sunlight, while careful trims can shape hollies into hedges. Hollies are a diverse bunch, with evergreen varieties, deciduous types and female shrubs that produce rich red berries. The type of holly bush, as well as what you want to accomplish when you prune, will determine what type of trim works best. Deciduous hollies need annual pruning in early spring. Examples of deciduous holly shrubs include winterberry Ilex verticillata , which is hardy to U.

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