Double knee replacement recovery time

The Pros and Cons of Double Knee Replacement

double knee replacement recovery time

It is important to maintain reasonable expectations about bilateral total knee replacement recovery time and rehabilitation. Patient compliance.

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In a simultaneous procedure both knees are replaced in one operation, on the same day under one anesthesia. This means that there is one hospitalization and one recovery period. Certain patients are at higher risk for medical complications if they undergo simultaneous bilateral knee replacement surgery. Your physician will discuss with you the relative merits and safety of simultaneous BTKR. Stiffness can be significant making simple tasks such as putting on your shoes and socks very difficult. Pain is usually worsened with weight bearing activities, such as standing and walking. Arthritis of the knee is a progressive condition that usually worsens with time.

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. The condition can affect one joint or multiple joints, causing pain and stiffness in the affected area. When these symptoms occur in one or both knees, it usually indicates that the cartilage in the joints has worn away. Knee replacement surgery may be done to replace the damaged joints and to relieve symptoms. During knee replacement surgery, a surgeon replaces the damaged areas of the knee joint with an artificial knee called a prosthesis. A prosthesis is made of metal, plastic, and ceramic. It can help restore nearly all function of the damaged knee and relieve arthritis pain.

If surgical treatment is advised, there are essential facts about recovery from bilateral total knee arthroplasty that every patient should know before scheduling the procedure.
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Orthopedic surgeons perform almost , knee replacements in the United States each year, and the procedure has a high success rate in alleviating pain and restoring an active lifestyle. The procedure, known as a bilateral knee replacement, has both pros and cons, which must be carefully weighed before a decision is made. With careful patient selection, the overall success rate is high for bilateral knee replacement. Candidates for the procedure must be in excellent health, aside from the arthritis, with no underlying medical problems. They must have no history of heart or lung disease. They also need to be psychologically prepared for the intensive rehabilitation double knee replacement entails. At HSS, bilateral knee replacements are not performed in individuals over 75 years old due to the greater risk of complications in older patients.

Back to Knee replacement. It's important to follow the advice the hospital gives you on looking after your knee. In the surgical ward, you may be given a switch that enables you to self-administer painkillers at a safe rate. You may also be given oxygen through a mask or tubes. If necessary, you'll be given a blood transfusion. You'll have a large dressing on your knee to protect your wound.

Three Things About Recovery from Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty Patients Need to Know

Does double knee surgery make sense for you?

Orthopedic surgeons perform almost , knee replacements in the United States each year. The procedure has a high success rate, alleviating pain and restoring an active lifestyle. The dilemma many people face is whether to have surgery on both sides at the same time, a procedure referred to as "bilateral knee replacement," or two separate procedures. However, double knee replacement is not for everyone, and people should be well-informed before making a decision. Studies show that bilateral knee replacement has a higher rate of complications, including cardiovascular problems and blood clots. Patients lose more blood, so they are more likely to need a blood transfusion.



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    The idea of having a knee replaced is daunting.

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    If you need to have both knees replaced, should you have them done simultaneously?

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    People who have moderate to severe arthritis in both knees may consider getting double knee replacementsreplacing both knees during one surgery.

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