Devil may cry 5 switch

Devil May Cry 5 will be ported on Switch in one condition

devil may cry 5 switch

Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch handheld gameplay

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It looks as if Devil May Cry 5 could receive a port to the Nintendo Switch, provided that gamers are willing to purchase another Capcom game on the platform beforehand. The caveat? Now, it's no secret that a port of that magnitude would require a hearty investment from the publisher, but to suggest that the success of Devil May Cry 5 on Nintendo Switch rides on the performance of an entirely different Capcom game doesn't hold much logic. Considering the fact that the Nintendo Switch is the fastest-selling console this generation , studios should be making games on that platform a priority. If that's not enough reason to port Devil May Cry 5 to Nintendo Switch then that's ultimately Capcom's mistake to make. Source: M!

Devil May Cry is coming to Nintendo Switch, but maybe not in the way you expected. As Capcom announced today, the original game - and only the original game - will arrive on Switch this summer. This is good news for Switch owners who are hungry for a classic action game, and it'll be fun to play DMC on the go, but this is a strange port that raises a few questions. Why not bring it to Switch too? It's possible Capcom is using the first game to gauge interest in Devil May Cry on the platform. The studio previously said that Devil May Cry 5 may be ported to Switch if the new port of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen does well, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's running the same sort of test here.

The game's official Twitter account made the announcement earlier this week, although no release date or pricing has been revealed. We do know, though, that the game will only be available as a download, with no physical release. Relive the adventure that introduced the legendary Dante to the world with the original Devil May Cry, coming to NintendoSwitch this Summer. It seems the release will be a standalone title, which has some fans confused since the first three Devil May Cry games including the much criticized Devil May Cry 2 are available as a reasonably-priced bundle elsewhere. But Capcom, the game's publisher, has been on something of a Switch crusade lately, releasing versions of Okami , Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Onimusha: Warlords, with a slate of Resident Evil games due later this month. As Devil May Cry has never been available on any Nintendo platform, it makes sense it would start with the Switch. Buyer's Guide.

GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. These are the basic weapons that he uses in his fight against demons. Dante can also use Devil Arms such as the Balrog and Cavaliere to deal more powerful damage to foes. Using these Devil Arms increases the Stylish points you earn. With his ability to change styles in battle, Dante is capable of changing the way his weapons move and attack in the game. This makes it easier for him to rack up Stylish points and create longer combos for higher damage.

The original 'Devil May Cry' will arrive on Nintendo Switch this summer

Devil May Cry 5 for Nintendo Switch? - News Block

Balrog is one of Dante's melee weapons in Devil May Cry 5. This weapon is very efficient but you need to stay close to an enemy.,


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