Hillary clinton in her 20s

Inside The Life Of A Twenty-Something Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton in her 20s

Who is Hillary Clinton?


Source: New York Daily News. The year was The place, Wellesley College. Even at twenty-two, there was something about her that made people pay attention. In the myriad biographies that have been written about Hillary, Gail Sheehy was the only writer to give us a portrayal of the woman who would become HRC as a somewhat clumsy, geeky undergrad who escaped the conservative trappings of her upbringing to become a vocal, steely, liberal before that was socially cool. Most of them remembered her as being pugnacious from the start and clearly uninterested in her appearance; a stance that has remained a major element of her media strategy even as a middle-aged woman.

From real estate mogul to commander in chief, the New York businessman's rise to the presidency. All rights reserved. Hillary Rodham gave the commencement address at her graduation from Wellesley College in She later attended Yale Law School. Capitol in Washington, D. Bill and Hillary Clinton gaze at each other on their wedding day in Fayetteville, Ark.

From her early years to secretary of state to the present.
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There is something about the reality of growing up, the actual change in time , that scares me a little. Maybe I've been referred to as a member of " the new Lost Generation " so many times that I actually believe I'm lost. After all, before I even entered my 20s, the New York Times Magazine was reporting that I would spend my 20s pushing back adult rites of passage like leaving home and becoming financially independent. When I was 13, I thought I would be married by I certainly don't see that happening now nor do I want it to. Instead, in the days leading up to my 23rd birthday, I found myself coming back to Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" again and again, playing it on repeat too many times to count.

Hillary Clinton through the years

Hillary Clinton: little girl smiling in a white dress with a bicycle behind her. - To illustrate how no two paths to success are alike, we've highlighted what 25 highly successful people were doing at age




After Bill Clinton became governor of AR, Hillary Clinton made it her Clinton, born Hillary Diane Rodham in , grew up in Park Ridge.
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