King yama yu yu hakusho

Koenma’s mom ?!

king yama yu yu hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho 95 Yusuke's Destiny

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I got two 5star tickets and got Karasu and King Enma. The rest were random pulls from the various events lately. This is just my personal headcannon. She is against fighting completely and is it he main reason why Koenma got his pacifist nature. She at one point in her life was a royal protector of King Enma ,but gave all of it up in order to try her hand at winning his heart.

King Enma is a giant bearded Lord of the Spirit World. He is one of the most powerful characters in the series. He is very strict and short tempered and punishes his son, Koenma, for incompetence at a job that is actually his responsibility. King Enma is first mentioned in the Spirit Detective arc, when Koenma attempts to retrieve the three Artifacts of Darkness to avoid invoking his world rending and destroying wrath; however, he could not avoid being punished personally by his father, comically portrayed as spanking. Later in the Chapter Black arc, he orders the death of Yusuke to prevent the destruction of the universe's balance, which he removed as soon as Yusuke had left to the Makai and later proven to not be as violent as he suspected. He apparently keeps his title and is secretly proud of his son's new independence.

King Enma Jr., usually addressed as Koenma (?? [????]) is current ruler of the Spirit World and son of the former ruler, King Enma. Yusuke dies, only to be resurrected by Koenma to become a spirit detective. Hiei found out after giving the tape to Yusuke, so Koenma sent Kurama.
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King Enma Jr. Koenma normally appears as a toddler with a red obi sash tied at the waist of a pink-trimmed blue robe over brown pants and black shoes. In his first appearance in the manga, Koenma was seen wearing a bib on his robe, though this was never seen again in the later chapters, nor in the anime. However, when venturing into the human and demon worlds, he transforms into a handsome teenager with medium length brown hair, parted down the middle though he occasionally appears in his true toddler form as well. In both forms, though, he retains a similar outfit, as well as the "Jr. He appears remarkably young for his age exactly years old in the manga, in the beginning of the series , being that he has existed for several centuries prior to commissioning Yusuke.

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Where would King Enma rank in YYH verse?

Yu Yu Hakusho - Yusuke meets Koenma


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A line of souls leads to his office where he decides whether a soul goes to Heaven or Hell. Compared to the other ogres, King Yemma is of a different color, he has a beard, he has a helmet with two horns, and he is colossal in size; even his desk is at least three times taller than Goku , who is able to fit in one drawer. King Yemma is strong enough to stay in control in any situation and can easily overpower Raditz. Later in the series, when the power of the villains increases, this becomes less impressive. King Yemma is very impatient, and easily angered by the smallest of things just like when screaming at Piccolo when he was ruining heaven , but is willing to listen to people's problems if he needs to. He also dislikes it when people hold up the line at the Check-In Station yelling at Kami to leave when he held up the line while deep in thought and even jokingly threatened to send the pure hearted Guardian to Hell just to scare him when he overheard Kami revealing to Goku that King Kai was stronger than him, showing he is not above using his position to threaten people. Though he might not seem like it, he is highly intelligent as shown when he recovered Vegeta's body and sent Dabura to heaven instead of hell.

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    King Enma (????, Enma-daiou, lit. "Great King Enma") is former king of Spirit World and father of Koenma. King Enma is a giant bearded Lord of the Spirit.

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