Making it season 1 episode 5

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making it season 1 episode 5

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman Brag About Each Other. Every Nick Offerman Giggle. From executive producers and hosts Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman comes a uniquely lighthearted competition series reuniting two of pop culture's biggest BFFs and celebrating the creativity and.

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The series premiered on July 31, , on NBC. Each week, competitors make two handmade projects--a "Faster Craft" and a "Master Craft. For the Faster Craft, makers have three hours to create an item. For the Master Craft, they have a longer time to create a more elaborate themed collection. At the end of every episode, one person is sent home based on their performance in the Master Craft.

Making It. Episodes 6. On the season finale, the final three makers transform a real couple's wedding into an incredible handcrafted experience with personalized cake toppers and ceremony backdrops; then, Amy, Nick and the judges name the Master Maker. In a celebration of the great outdoors, the makers bring nature inside as they create light fixtures made from natural materials, then they take the indoors out by transforming ordinary backyard sheds into unique personal spaces. The makers race to create last-minute Halloween costumes using common household items before turning their attention to celebrating all of the holidays at once with front door displays for Valentine's Day, Easter, the Fourth of July and more.

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