Dietland season 1 episode 10

The 'Dietland' finale doesn't say exactly what it (probably) means

dietland season 1 episode 10

Dietland S01E10 Featurette - 'Jennifer Finds Her Self-Worth' - Rotten Tomatoes TV

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The finale opens with the ruling on whether she may still join the Jennifer collective, and: She may! Until when? It is? Uh oh. When dinner is chased with a round of Truth or Dare, we find out why Sofia is more confident in the endurance of the other princesses: Belle, Moana, and Sofia herself are all military veterans, and all rape survivors. Belle herself is the driving force behind Jennifer: While she was redeployed, her year-old daughter Luz was raped by three boys in the neighborhood, and to compound her injury, was shamed for it. Belle could only find two of the three, but she threw them off a bridge an incident discussed at the start of the season, minus the specifics.

Dietland season 1, episode 10 finale recap: Bedwomb

Dietland S01E10 Season Finale Preview - 'Bedwomb' - Rotten Tomatoes TV

Dietland Review: Bedwomb (Season 1 Episode 10)

When Dietland premiered on AMC, its cutting perspective on women's media and the overarching violence of the patriarchy made for an off-kilter, important-seeming entry into the summer TV lineup. Over the course of the first season, protagonist Plum Kettle was truly put through the wringer as a plus-size woman whose desire to fit conventional beauty standards led her deeper down a rabbit hole of self-loathing, revelation, terrorism, murder, and yes, hallucinated bestiality in that one episode with the tiger-man. Their most controversial murder was of a woman porn star who often acted in degrading scenarios. From a character standpoint, Plum's decision represents her learning to externalize the way the world has made her feel about her body, by placing the blame on society instead of her own perceived failure to keep up with its standards. Are they together or are they tearing themselves apart? In contrast to the infighting is a scene where Plum sleeps among the Jennifer members, arranged on the floor like a Renaissance painting with a godly beam of light illuminating their bodies.

Sign in., Dietland has been an interesting ride in its first season.

There is an advantage to leaving things open-ended on a finale. It sets the next season up nicely with a whole slew of meaty storylines to explore. That is if it gets picked up. That uncertainty laces the episode with an uneasy feeling as each plot reaches the end of the hour in a state of incompleteness. Some developments come to fruition in a satisfying manner, but too many do not, and that makes this finale a bit unbalanced. This basically sums up my review of the season as a whole, actually.




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