The americans season 6 episode 8

The Summit

the americans season 6 episode 8

'The Americans' star on shooting the 'heartbreaking' final scene and what's next

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Her humanity accounts for her willingness to sacrifice her body and soul — and the bodies and souls of others, too — to pursue her ideals. She would say the same thing, only without the past tense. Or would she? The Americans has been building to this episode the entire season. Teacup with their young son in the next room. All season long, the show has examined her in the harshest possible light, as she continues to labor on the wrong side of history. We know that anti-Gorbachev forces within the KGB and the military are working to subvert his agenda.

Last week Stan Beeman officially became suspicious of the Jenningses. But the show found a way to give her and Philip common cause without compromising her principles. The one murder she committed was a compassionate one, and she backed down from two obvious assassination situations. The stage is set for a heroic ending, whatever tragic deaths might be involved. Will the F. A betrayal that viewers should have been giving more weight to all along, I think. Elizabeth turned and left — has anyone done a YouTube montage of scenes of her silently stalking away?

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Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Watch now. Title: The Summit 16 May Philip tells Elizabeth about his connection with Burov, Elizabeth uses the young intern to listen to an important meeting after the original plan fails.

‘The Americans’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Ghostface Killers

The Americans Season 6 Episode 8 Review: The Summit

Need to catch up? Check out our previous The Americans recap here. But is it too late to stop now? The general she met in Mexico, he explains, is part of the anti-Gorbachev faction Oleg warned Philip about. Elizabeth continues working that young film geek Jackson, dangling a fake management-training program in front of him to trick him into writing a detailed report of everything he saw interning for Senator Sam Nunn.

With only two more episodes after this before The Americans complete their mission once and for all, Philip has decided to come clean to Elizabeth. I told him about the sensor. I told him you were looking into one of our negotiators that you thought was a traitor. Elizabeth spends most of this episode trying to triangulate access to an upcoming meeting between the Soviet negotiator, Nestrenko, and the American diplomats. Elizabeth is hard at work setting up a honey trap for the young film aficionado, and she also persuades him to write a report about his activities with the Senator as part of a bogus job opportunity. He falls for both easily. The Haskards prove to be a dead end.

She asks why. The ends of things have a way of making people want change. This was ultimately the saga of two likable people choosing intangible lost causes rather than one another. Elizabeth Jennings programming and steadfast belief in her cause were so strong that it seemed impossible for the show to believably break it. The expected source is Philip, of course.

Ben Travers. Elizabeth finally says no to a mission, effectively switching sides in the internal Soviet conflict. Stan is more convinced than ever his neighbors are Russian operatives. Some of it will be hard like Elizabeth deciding to let Jackson live. Elizabeth has killed a lot of people in Season 6; nearly one every episode, if not more.

And Messes With The Director. Is '47 Meters Down' on Netflix? I once said The Americans is a great show for faces. The only show that surpasses The Americans in this regard is the third season of Twin Peaks , which among its many other attributes studies the tectonics of faces with geological patience. Yet it was concerned less with those detonations than with their impact, spread across the faces of the characters involved. By contrast, look how her eyes widen instead of narrowing here, how her mouth goes slightly slack. This is one of the first times I can remember seeing her this upset , as opposed to angry or in the throes of violent denial.


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