The expanse season 2 episode 5

‘The Expanse’ 2?5 recap: “Home”

the expanse season 2 episode 5

The Expanse S02E05 'Home' Reaction

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Aliens are tricky. An episode thick with breathless tension is undone just when it should be its most exciting. Eros is making a beeline for Earth, with Miller still on board tending to his pet nuke. Earth makes the only move it can and launches half its nuclear arsenal, hoping to turn Eros to dust before it gets too close. Excellent idea, except for when Eros manages to make itself invisible to radar.

How can The Expanse follow up an episode in which a two-mile-wide ship is impressively launched and aimed at an alien-infected asteroid in order to ram it and deflect it into the sun? By bringing the asteroid to life! With all the political ramifications, personal sacrifice, and emotional investment involved in destroying Eros, this episode could easily have become overwhelmed by its own inconceivable scale, but thankfully it was grounded in human reactions, both noble and misguided. When Chrisjen stays on Earth after the entire UN Council evacuates, for example, it feels like the captain bravely going down with her ship, especially because of the wonderfully awkward, time-delayed conversation with her husband Arjun on the moon. This can be taken too far, however, and certain moments do skirt the edge of melodrama. The mystery of the protomolecule did unfold in a predictable if no less magnificent way, and the wonderland inside Eros is quite beautiful if one ignores the loss of life.

Miller and the Rocinante crew are both trying to grapple with the fact that Eros moved to evade the Nauvoo. But there's little time to marvel: powered by the protomolecule, Eros is heating up and moving fast. Back at the UN, everybody's going crazy with the reports that Eros is on the move. Avasarala tries to cool down any notions that Mars is behind it. And things get even more tense when they find out that Eros is on a collision course with Earth. Seeing that he still has this malfunctioning nuke on his hands, Naomi gets a wonderful terrible idea: Miller can crawl into the bowels of Eros, plant the bomb, and hopefully destroy the protomolecule.

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Sign in. See the list. The asteroid Eros takes direct collision course towards Earth. The Rocinante chases it. As last defense Earth launches missiles against Eros.

Season Two is the second season of Syfy 's The Expanse. It premiered on February 1, , and continued airing each Wednesday until April 19, , consisting of thirteen one-hour episodes. Production began in January and ended in November [1] with filming dates between April 13, and wrapped September 12, [2]. The team began working on the season prior to receiving formal confirmation from Syfy. Unlikely allies Joe Miller and the crew of the Rocinante led by Jim Holden uncover more about the conspiracy with the protomolecule.

The Expanse S2.05 review: "Thrilling episode that stumbles in its most important moment"

The Expanse - Season 2, Episode 5 'Home' Review - Best Episode Yet

The Expanse 2x5: Home (REACTION)





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