American horror story season 3 episode 1 bitchcraft


american horror story season 3 episode 1 bitchcraft

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Good morning, my own little coven. We begin our not-so-fair story in New Orleans in We then get a grisly close-up of Madame LaLaurie as she dips a brush into a silver dish of blood and coats her face in red. Her husband interrupts and says that something horrible has happened during the dinner party. Turns out that Pauline was caught seducing Bastien. In the first of several slow-motion hair segments, Zoe Benson Taissa Farmiga sneaks home with her boy-toy, Charlie, for the purpose of relinquishing her V-card. Zoe is, therefore, not a lethal virgin; she is a lethal witch virgin!

Now she has her very own Minotaur. And in just those few pre-title minutes, creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk remind us that American Horror Story has evolved over the course of two seasons from a reliably lurid soap to a sophisticated work of despairing protest pop-art. After the credits, the episode flashes forward to the present day, introducing us to Zoe Benson Taissa Farmiga , a teen coming to terms with her inherited powers as a witch, which manifest as an inability to have sex with someone without killing them. All the powerful white politicians managed to accomplish was to drive the witches down to New Orleans. To the LaLaurie estate, where a bit of resurrection is in order.

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The coven has decided: Black is back. Credit: FX. Ryan Murphy opens this season with 19th century New Orleans and introduces us to the opulent home of Madame Delphine LaLaurie played by Kathy Bates who is decked out in a magnificent feather hat and giant red gown. Cut to Mme. Anyway, Mme. LaLaurie finds out that her daughter had sex with the slave and she is pissed!

American Horror Story S03 - Ep01 Bitchcraft - Part 01 HD Watch

A young girl, Zoe Taissa Farmiga , is shattered to discover she possesses a strange genetic affliction tracing back to the dark days of Salem. Zoe is whisked away to Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies , a mysterious school in New Orleans devoted to safeguarding the few remaining descendants who share this unique bloodline., The title is a portmanteau of the words bitch and witchcraft. The episode introduces a group of four young witches who are given instruction in how to use their powers at a boarding school in New Orleans run by Cordelia Foxx Sarah Paulson.



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