Black lightning season 1 episode 10

Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption

black lightning season 1 episode 10

Black Lightning: 1?10 Anissa discovers all missing Metahumans!!

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Everything else in Freeland just keeps getting weirder. Gambi was tasked with scouting for superpowered kids until he had a change of heart, raising and training Black Lightning as a form of redemption. In addition to kidnapping new kids for experimentation as witnessed by our old friend Two-Bits , ASA has somehow kept all the people they experimented on last time. On her own, Anissa is too overwhelmed to do anything, so she runs home and tells her father. Jefferson still bristles at any mention of Gambi but agrees to suit up and follow Anissa.

Sign in. Watch now. After the latest killing, Black Lightning works to clear his name and hunt down those involved in the death of his father.
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He sees a a kid from Garfield High take some Green Light and suddenly start giving off a fiery glow. Then a white van pulls up two guys get out, stun the girl, and take her away in the van before Two-Bits can do anything. She is about to smash one of the pods but decides to go get Jefferson Cress Williams instead. Lala gets upset that his boys are just hanging around and not out selling product. The other guys do whatever Lala says at that point. Black Lightning and Thunder return to find the warehouse empty of the pods, but a group of armed ASA operatives are waiting for them. The next morning Two-Bits comes to see Jefferson and tells him about the girl being taken.

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Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 10 Recap: Sins of the Father

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It's not so easy to put Black Lightning down. Just ask the lady with all of the microwaves. That being said, the ASA has considerably more resources than the lady with the microwaves, and considerable more ill-intent. The lady with the microwaves was half-heartedly aiming for Black Lightning for the money; the ASA is a fundamentally racist organization that treats the people of Freeland like lab rats and sees Black Lightning as the biggest lab rat of them all. Why am I bringing this up? There's a reason why vigilante-superhero-types try to keep their identity a secret; it's so they don't have their friends and family used against them.

Forgot your password? - While packing up, he sees a Garfield High student one of the girls Anissa caught with drug dealers in Episode 4.

After the latest killing, Black Lightning works to clear his name and hunt down those Season 1 | Episode 10 Nafessa Williams in Black Lightning ().
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    A few weeks ago, we learned from Gambi that a government organization called the ASA had experimented on the citizens of Freeland, feeding.

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