The big bang theory season 11 episode 4

The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 4 review: The Explosion Implosion

the big bang theory season 11 episode 4


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Howard wonders what kind of father he will be to his son. A big congratulations to the Wolowitzes for the impending arrival of their bouncing baby boy! This kid and his sister are set for life! Howard eventually settles on the perfect activity he will one day do with his son. They head to the garage to pick the perfect model for their inaugural quest.

In what was perhaps the quickest reveal in The Big Bang Theory history, it took less than five minutes for the show to announce the sex of Bernadette and Howard's second baby: a boy! The Wolowitz's, who welcomed baby girl Halley into the world last December, find out they'll be having a son come ; but prior to the reveal, they tell their doctor they don't care. Their real feelings, however, are made clear as soon as the ultrasound indicates they're having a boy. The scene definitely felt like a stark contrast to the way other shows have handled the "is it a boy or a girl? For those shows, the episodes are usually cute in nature but never really amount to much. The audience waits 20 minutes into the program before finding out whether subsequent episodes will feature a pink or blue nursery.

'The Big Bang Theory' Season 11 Episode 4 Recap: Howard and Bernadette Are Having a Boy

One thing The Big Bang Theory had to prove when announcing another pregnancy for Howard and Bernadette was how different it could be from the first. So why have Bernadette become pregnant again, rather than Amy or Penny? As soon as they hear that they will be adding a son to their family, Howard begins to freak out.

A recap of the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory season episode 'The Explosion Implosion' starring Jim Parsons.
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