Be more chill opening night

Photo Coverage: NYC Gets an Upgrade! Go Inside Opening Night of BE MORE CHILL!

be more chill opening night

Be More Chill, the new musical from Joe Iconis and Joe Tracz, celebrated its official opening at the Lyceum Theatre March 10 after beginning.

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The supercharged sci-fi musical, about a nerdy teenager who swallows a supercomputer pill that promises to make him popular, will close on Aug. At the time of its closing, the show will have played 30 preview and regular performances. The musical, adapted from a young adult novel by Ned Vizzini , features music and lyrics by Mr. Iconis and a book by Joe Tracz; it is directed by Stephen Brackett. Simply arriving on Broadway was a triumph for the show, which failed to win over critics during an initial run in at the Two River Theater in New Jersey. Multiple schools and local theaters staged licensed productions — an unusual development made possible because the creators assumed the show would not have a commercial life.

By Greg Evans. A cast album, though, found digital popularity and went viral, building up a huge, global and fiercely devoted following that almost certainly included the very sorts the musical chronicles: The teens and tweens and theater geeks struggling to find a safe spot in the mean halls of high school. Michael, the outcast and likely gay buddy of the main character Jeremy Will Roland has been abandoned by his suddenly popular pal, and hides out in terror and embarrassment in a bathroom at a house party rather than mix with the kids who either ignore or torment him at school.
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Be More Chill is a musical with original music and lyrics by Joe Iconis , and a book by Joe Tracz, based on the novel of the same name by Ned Vizzini. A Broadway production began previews on February 13, , and officially opened on March 10, The Broadway production closed on August 11, The musical was commissioned by Two River Theater as part of their new play development program. It began previews July 26, , and closed on September 30,

At the center of the Lyceum Theatre, a Broadway house built in , the Be More Chill set protrudes into its filigreed Beaux-Arts surroundings with concentric frames resembling the beveled outlines of an iPhone. You might wonder if a technologically advanced alien race decided to build a headquarters at a historical landmark in midtown, or if the internet itself is made manifest in here. Which, in a way, it has. It ran for four weeks and then closed. The album has since racked up hundreds of millions of streams. Be More Chill was the second-most-popular musical on Tumblr in and , just behind Hamilton. That attention propelled Be More Chill to run Off Broadway late last summer, when it sold out, extended its run, and sold out again.

‘Be More Chill’ Review: No Heat Lost As Joyous Viral Musical Sensation Finally Charges Broadway

Broadway's 'Be More Chill' Cast Celebrates Opening Night - See Photos!

Be More Chill will open on Broadway in The official opening night is Sunday evening, March Joe Iconis and Joe Tracz have created a beautiful and universal musical that has inspired audiences throughout the summer and now the entire company cannot wait to bring the production to an even greater audience at The Lyceum in the new year. This journey began at Two River Theatre in and we're not done yet. Everything about it is going to be wonderful.

A tale of nerdy teen angst and technology by songwriter Joe Iconis and bookwriter Joe Tracz, this geek-love, sci-fi, high school musical bombed during its initial run at Two River Theater in New Jersey. There is a breathless quality to everything that squeaky but belting baritone Roland does in his attempt to break free and be cool. Heere Jason SweetTooth Williams, playing several roles — have been trimmed. Some bits and pieces of the relationship between Jeremy and Michael also seem to have been reduced or tamped down from the Off Broadway version. Opened March 10,

The musical that was a tiny blip on the radar, with a small regional production at Two River Theater in New Jersey, flared into a grassroots hit—with audiences streaming the album so much the numbers could not be ignored. But as much as young fans know about the show and its stars, Playbill managed to discover a few secrets during our opening night red carpet livestream from the afterparty at Gotham Hall. You play it only in the air. You play it simply by moving your arms around the magnetic pulse. But he made the most of his time. As it starts to take over his mind we see the insides of it. The second Squip costume is a coat from Blade Runner which I've been obsessed about since I was a child.





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