Data entry practice test online free

Free Ten Key Data Entry Tests. 1, 2, or 3 Minute KPH Tests.

data entry practice test online free

How to Crack Data Entry Test?

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Click the 'Text to Type' dropdown menu located directly below the typing test input box. Click on the 'Link to Results' or 'Email Results' links on the test results panel to share your results. Click the 'Switch-Up' button to toggle between multi-line and scrolling single-line entry. Report can be personalized with your name and your results can be saved and shared easily using the link generated at the end of every test. Current typing text options include random common English words, random easy words, books, book summaries short stories, fables, sight words for kids, random interesting and funny facts, random wise proverbs, and even the ability to type whatever you want with the custom text option.

Want to create your own typing test? Use our word counter to check your typing speed in wpm or kph on any device, including tablets and smartphones. Use the built-in timer to create your own 5-minute typing test. Find out how long it takes to type your favorite book. Start typing to begin the test.

This site needs your premission to use cookies. See our Privacy Policy for more information. Log In or Sign Up for an account. Take a typing test, then go to the account page to order your certificate. The 10 key pad is the group of numbers and symbols on the right side of most keyboards, it can also be a number pad with no keyboard attached. Ten key speed is measured with a Keystrokes per Hour Test. Accuracy is extremely important because proof-reading is very difficult when you are trying to read a bunch of numbers.

Keystroke per hour KPH can be just as important as words per minute wpm. Because words vary in length, your typing speed calculated in words per minute might not be accurate enough.
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When you are ready to begin the typing speed test, copy the sample text below, and then click the Stop the clock button. But be ready quickly because the clock is running Increased typing speed is the major attraction non-typists see in learning to touch type. While learning to touch type will almost always result in a perceptible increase in typing speed it is just one factor contributing to a marked increase in productivity. Given that touch typing is an automatic skill it is logical to associate an expert typist with fast typing but a better description might be accurate typing. The principal benefit of touch typing, for the student typist, is that data input via a keyboard no longer requires conscious thought, or, visual confirmation. While composing a letter or essay it is no longer necessary for the writer to interrupt their train of thought to scan the keyboard for the location of a particular key, or, to correct a typing mistake.

Data Entry Test

Whether for a data entry job online or offline, data entry tests are designed to assess a candidate's ability to enter data numbers and letters quickly and accurately. - Through this Data Entry Test, you will find out what is your average speed for data entry measured in Words per Minute.

Typing & Data Entry

Practice for employment tests like the ProveIt or CritiCall data entry exams with these alphanumeric data entry tests, scored in kph keystrokes per hour. We have two types of data entry practice pages. The first is similar to our typing tests except that they are scored in kph keystrokes per hour instead of wpm words per minute. These tests are typed straight through with only a space between fields. The second type are form-based, and intended to mimic the type of data entry screens you might see on pre-employment tests, or while working in a data entry job. On these tests you will need to tab between fields as you are entering the data.




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    Practice for employment tests like the ProveIt or CritiCall data entry exams. Free Online Typing Test Practice and Data Entry Exercises from The Practice Test.

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