Will my dog be ok if he ate a tampon

What You Should Do If Your Dog Eats A Tampon

will my dog be ok if he ate a tampon

How to induce vomiting in your dog - Dr Justine Lee

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Pet's info: Dog Miniature Schnauzer Male unneutered 3 years and 8 months old. If it happened over 2 hrs ago it is too late to make your dog sick. If you see any signs of inappetance, vomiting, lack of stools, abdominal Depending on the size of your dog, the tampon could cause gastrointestinal obstruction. Have him seen at your local veterinary ER as soon as possible.

Suspecting that your dog ate one of your tampons? Calm down, take a deep breath, and know that canines eating foreign bodies like tampons is a common thing that happens all the time, and there is a fix for such accidents. The first thing you have to do is gather as much information as possible to pass over to your veterinarian when you contact them for help, because they will be asking you questions. An example question your veterinarian will almost always ask you is, how many tampons did your dog eat? So, whether you need to count wrappers to get that answer or recall from memory how many you had used and put in the trash can before your pet made their way into it, answering such questions will greatly help your veterinarian in assessing the severity of the situation.

Customer Service for Subscribers. An accessible trashcan is an open invitation for a dog to eat used tampons, diapers, and other human biowaste. Indeed, human biomedical waste knows neither gender nor age. Photo by Lulu Hoeller on Flickr. I understand the frustration that people feel when they enter their bathrooms and find a right mess where the trashcan customarily sits. Unfortunately, aside from boredom, lack of exercise, or severe malnutrition, there is no fixed answer to why dogs eat non-food items. If the ingested item is something like a condom or maxi pad, items that your dog is unlikely to encounter in the dog park, the reason is probably not dietary or behavioral, but instinctual.

More than one owner has come home to find that their dog has picked through the bathroom trashcan. But aside from the perplexing nature of this habit, tampon-eating can actually be dangerous for your dog. This can lead to necrosis tissue death , which presents a litany of potential complications. In a worst-case scenario, obstructions can lead to death. Blockages can take up to four days to trigger symptoms, so remain vigilant for several days following the incident.

Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. My friend's dog ate a whole wastebasket full of tampons on New Years Eve. On New Years day, she puked up six of them, and then passed two more, but there is still one left. She is taking the dog back to the vet for more x-rays since it's been a couple days since the last ones, but she is terrified they'll have to do surgery because she can't afford it.

Why Do Dogs Eat Tampons?

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What Should You Do If Your Dog Ate A Tampon Or Other “Personal Item”?

Your dog has a dirty little secret: he or she is obsessed with your most intimate personal items. To them, your used tampons, sanitary pads, condoms, and dirty underwear are like forbidden candy. But this habit is more than just gross and creepy, it can be downright life-threatening. If your dog ate a tampon or other personal care product, contact your veterinarian immediately! Diapers, tampons, sanitary napkins, and toilet paper are designed to absorb liquids.





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    Help, My Dog Ate a Tampon! What Do I Do?

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    Jun 26, But unfortunately, some of these items -- including tampons -- can represent a serious danger. Learn what to do when your dog chows down on.

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