Coast guard dinner dress blue


coast guard dinner dress blue

How to place large medals on Dress White uniform jacket. For use with Navy and Coast Guard Uniforms

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Some auxiliarists own this uniform, because with the substitution of a white shirt for blue, and a bow tie men for the four-in-hand tie, the uniform is transformed into the Dinner Dress Blue uniform, worn for formal occasions such as dinners, changes of watch ceremonies, and the like. The nametag is removed, and miniature medals and other insignia substitute for ribbons, etc. Although the tuxedo-like, very formal dinner dress blue jacket or dinner dress white jacket uniforms, depending upon the season, are preferred for such occasions, they are very expensive, and many auxiliarists, as volunteers, cannot justify the purchase. Generally, this type of uniform is worn in formal situations equivalent to those that indicate a civilian black tie event. It is the same as the Service Dress Blue, except miniature medals, miniature breast devices, and a plain black bow tie are worn instead of ribbons, name tag, and the four-in-hand necktie.

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Dinner Dress Uniforms

When you put on the uniform, you represent the United States Coast Guard. You have a duty to look professional and project a positive image of the organization. You can also purchase Auxiliary-specific items at the 5th District Store , online. The ODU is the basic working uniform. ODU's are worn during operational missions, such as on-the-water activities or vessel safety checks.

The uniforms of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary serve to distinguish Auxiliarists from members of other civilian military auxiliaries and of other armed services. Auxiliarists are expected to wear a uniform intended for the situation and mission. Each auxiliary uniform is identical to a Coast Guard officer's military uniform , with the exception that the buttons and stripes on dress jackets and shoulder boards are silver in color, rather than gold. On dress uniforms, appointed staff officers wear insignia with a red "A" and elected officers wear insignia with a blue "A", while black "A"s are worn on insignia by both elected and appointed officers on the ODU uniform. Auxiliarists are expected to adhere to the same rules of correct uniform wear as regular Coast Guard officers. When augmenting Coast Guard personnel, the military-style insignia of Auxiliary position is generally removed and the organizational insignia is worn. Where Coast Guard uniform regulations and customs do differentiate between officers and enlisted personnel, Auxiliarists usually follow the rule for officers.

Mess dress uniform

Mess dress uniform is the semi-formal type of uniforms used by military , police , fire and other public uniformed services for certain ceremonies , receptions , and celebrations , in messes or on private occasions. It frequently consists of a mess jacket , trousers , white dress shirt , often with standing collar and bow tie , along with orders and medals insignia. Design may depend on regiment or service branch , e. In Western dress codes , mess dress uniform is a permitted supplementary alternative equivalent to the civilian black tie for evening wear or black lounge suit for day wear - sometimes collectively called half dress - although military uniforms are the same for day and evening wear. As such, mess dress uniform is considered less formal than full dress uniform , but more formal than service dress uniform. Prior to World War II , this style of military uniform was largely restricted to the British and United States Armed Forces , although the French , German , Swedish and other navies had adopted their own versions of mess dress during the late 19th century, influenced by the British Royal Navy.




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