3 circles life conversation guide

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3 circles life conversation guide

May 19, 3 CIRCLES: LIFE CONVERSATION GUIDE. app_with book Life change. It all begins with a conversation. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most.

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A Spanish version of the entire suite is now available. The tool provides a simple way for believers to effectively share the gospel through an easy circle drawing that can be done simply on a napkin. The app version is just as simple and includes Scripture references to accompany each point. It works with anyone, anywhere, and we hope every Southern Baptist will learn how to use it, so they can be ready for the opportunities God brings every day. The Spanish edition was written in normative Spanish, leaving out any slang, to fit as many Spanish-speaking contexts as possible. The Life On Mission suite will allow the 3,plus Hispanic churches in North America to better engage people in relevant context to point everyday conversations towards Christ.

In the first area, several carnival games, such as mini-golf, bucket ball, ring toss, skee ball and more, were set up out on the front lawn, representing "God's Design" for each of the participants. Leaders who ran the games looked for specific opportunities to have conversations to drive home the points at their game stations. Worship teams also lead songs of worship in the festive environment. Inside the chapel, participants then were treated to a string maze, which represented "brokenness. Louis Knight, 80, walked participants through the maze, personally explaining how brokenness and sin causes confusion and dead ends in one's life.

FBC Black Forest may be a bit behind the curve on this since it began in Here are some NAMB links that may be of interest:. North American Mission Board. NAMB - Evangelism. Pastors use 3 Circles tool to share gospel, train members.

The following interview with Pastor Staples highlights how this tool is both reproducible and reproducing here and abroad:. He showed how easy it is to weave the gospel through any conversation. We took 43 to Honduras June July 5 on a medical mission. We took a doctor, 3 pharmacists, a dentist, and went to San Manuel de Colohete, a very poor village. I thought the 3 Circles would be an excellent tool, especially since the majority of adults cannot read or write. The way we do our mission is simple: every person who comes to the clinic attends a worship service.

This track seeks to develop your workers in life on life conversations for disciple making. The resources are free and the process is easily reproducible into a multiplying movement. Anyone who wants to learn a simple, reproducible tool to reach the lost and equip these new converts to become laborers in the harvest field can do it! Click on the following PDF slideshow and take a few minutes to learn the simple tools incorporated in the presentation. This presentation is demonstrated by its developer in the following video presentation. Once you have led someone to Christ, the following materials would be most helpful for them to grow as a new disciple.

This APP is designed to help equip you to have conversations with people about Jesus. This is a generally well put-together app for evangelism. My only beef is that the swipe is backwards of what I would naturally do to move to the next page. It can be worked around but would really be best if it was fixed, since this is the only app I've used that uses that swipe direction for forward progress. This app definitely has potential.

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3 Circles Life Conversation Guide




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