4 year old behaviour management

Warning Signs of Normal and Abnormal Child Behavior

4 year old behaviour management

How to Get Your Child to Stop Whining

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Children are supposed to break the rules sometimes. Testing limits is how they learn about themselves and the world. The consequences you give them teach important life lessons. Sometimes, however, behavior problems can be a sign of a more serious issue. Here's how to tell whether your child's misbehavior falls into the realm of 'normal behavior problems. When it comes to differentiating between normal and abnormal behavior problems , it's important to know a bit about child development. What's normal for a preschooler isn't normal for a teenager.

Disciplining a preschooler requires a combination of art and science. It also requires some serious agility. What worked last week may no longer be effective. Patience and consistency can be key to addressing behavior problems for your 3-, 4- , or 5-year-old. At the same time, you might need to use a little trial and error at times to see what discipline strategies are going to work best for your family. This quest for autonomy can present new parenting challenges in terms of behavior and discipline needs. And, your child might enjoy experimenting with new behaviors just to see how you'll respond.

Your preschooler also likes to be around people. She might want to please and be like her preschool-age friends. Imaginary friends could be important to her too. As part of getting along with others, you might hear her saying sorry, agreeing to rules and being pleased when good things happen to other people. When it comes to cooperating, your child is likely to be more helpful but sometimes he might still be demanding.

To discipline a 4 year-old, start by establishing rules with your child. At most, you should create 4 or 5 clear rules that, if broken, will have consequences, like going to "time-out" or having to go to the "naughty chair. You can also prevent the need for discipline by keeping your child entertained with toys, games, and stories and by sectioning off spaces where they are likely to get into trouble. Set up your home to prevent the need to discipline. You can create an environment in your home that saves you and your child from the needing to work on discipline unless it is necessary. Use child-proofing devices to keep cupboards closed. Use child-proof barriers or gates to block unsafe areas like stairs.

I will try to make this short. I do my best to let her have feelings and be there and be flexible and creative but I need more examples or more complete examples of what to do. She was playing with her dad's special scrub mop thing and she threw it and it broke. She did not throw out of anger or even for me to see. I was out of sight.

The One-Week Fix for Bad Behavior

My four year old son is very sweet and lovable, but he can be very challenging — he goes from angel to absolute devilchild. - My plan was to end my kids' whining, hitting, and tantrums in seven days. But first I had to change my own actions.

Your 4-Year-Old's Challenging Behavior: Is This Typical?

And I often wonder, do all parents have such a hard time with their 4-year-olds? If you're in the same boat, you might feel certain that the "terrible twos" or the "threenager" stages are overshadowed by the ferocious fours. But the good news is, as your child makes the transition from toddler to preschooler to almost kindergarten student, you may be surprised by how grown-up your little one can be. It may appear that your child is constantly challenging you. As your child approaches kindergarten, they may be more likely to be aware of and agree to rules.


Preschooler Discipline: Strategies and Challenges



Do you ever wonder if your child's behavior is normal? Read what to expect and Develop at Age 8. 13 year old child development milestones.
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    Discipline is helping your child learn how to behave — as well as how not to behave.

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    Learn strategies and solutions for disciplining your preschooler and tips to handle even Behavioral problems and effective solutions for your 3, 4, and 5- year-olds can be key to addressing behavior problems for your 3-, 4-, or 5-year -old.

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