36 hours in london 2018

48 hours in . . . London, an insider guide to the capital of cool

36 hours in london 2018

As the star and backdrop of so much great literature, London is a rich adventure for book lovers.

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As Britain like its younger sibling across the pond gruffly proclaims its distance from the outside world at least for the political moment , we can all be thankful that Brexit came too late to halt the culinary globalization of London. Put ideology aside. This otherwise noble capital inclining its palate to devotees of porridge and boiled mutton was never a thing to celebrate. Of course, a visitor could always find scattered exceptions. But it was work. No longer can it be said that London is only a great city between meals. What was once a sallow and predictable dining experience is now salubrious and full of surprises, befitting a metropolis of such diversity and ingenuity.

It is no surprise when Urban Decay South Africa launches a new product, they go all out. So if you traveling from South Africa to London, a direct flight of only 13 hours makes this the ideal airline of choice. They have excellent service, a state-of-the-art aircraft, and friendly staff, which is generally a cut above typical airplane gruel. You can read more about my Virgin Atlantic experience in an upcoming blog post soon. In a city that is known for bright lights and constant activity, MOXY London Stratford adds guts to this high powered community. As some of you might know, London Stratford was the home of the Olympics, and this hotel in East London is really taking advantage of the local regeneration. From mirror decals in the lifts welcoming us upon arrival to our very own private neon PJ party at the stroke of midnight.

Take a look below at our complete guide to spending an action-packed 48 hours or thereabouts in our incredible city, London. Chow down on a hearty breakfast and get ready to explore. London has some of the best and free museums in the entire world. Although you wont be able to see them all, you can certainly choose to visit your very favourite. Almost at the top of the skyscraper, Duck and Waffle serves a mighty lunch, all whilst overlooking the expanse that is London! Admittedly higher but certainly not more delicious! Camden Town is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in London!

And really, that's the point: at long last in London's restaurant scene, there's something for everyone. . 18, , Section TR, Page 1 of the New York edition with the headline: Don't Want 36 Hours in Santa Barbara County.
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THERE are many different Londons, and they appeal to people with many different passions: museum lovers, theatergoers, opera buffs, devotees of royalty, students of history, people who like to walk in the rain. But richest of all, perhaps, is the London for book lovers. Because the city is the star and the backdrop of so much great literature, it is possible to believe you know it intimately how it looks, how it feels without ever leaving your home country, or indeed your home. But it is better to visit, if only for the joy of seeing the landscape of your imagination come to life. Or to wander along Baker Street, where Sherlock Holmes once fictionally solved the unsolvable.

My husband and I are visiting London for the first time late July and only have 36 hours to explore, and not sure how to best utilize our time. We're landing around 11 am at Heathrow on Sunday and have another flight at 2pm Tuesday. We're staying in Earl's Court and are mainly interested in historical and traditional London. If you're interested in history, touring the Tower of London is a must, and it's obviously very close to Tower Bridge. Expect to spend at least a couple hours there, though - there's plenty to see. For a great traditional pub that's not too touristy with some fun history, Ye Olde Mitre is fantastic. Trafalgar Square is just down a road from Big Ben Big Ben is visible from Trafalgar , so that could probably be a must-see for someone new : Since time is short, if you can get up to the British Library for their Treasure Room, that would be a great use of time, a zillion treasures all in one room : It's next to King's Cross and St Pancras gorgeous hotel building.

How to spend 72 hours in London

The only bad thing I have to say about London is that my time there was too short! I did a sort of bad job planning and should have either taken a late afternoon train to Paris so that I could have spent the morning and early afternoon in London or stayed another night.

48 Hours in London Things to Do, Where to Stay & What to Eat!

London is on your bucket list, right? So sit back, grab a cuppa, and have a read of our top Things to do in London including where to stay, what to eat and London day trip ideas! So, here are some options for your next trip to London some are time-honoured traditions, others are a little bit on the quirkier side of things. All will guarantee that you make the most of your time in this great city. Table of Contents. London has some of the best museums in the world and even better most of them are delightfully free.

Please refresh the page and retry. H aving it all is most definitely a good thing but it can also be a somewhat overwhelming where to start? London has so much to offer, for all tastes, budgets and cultural persuasions. There is proper grisly history, statement buildings old and new, and world-class museums housed in jaw-dropping architecture. There are wonderful parks dotted, peacefully, throughout the city, markets galore, a thriving culinary scene spanning street food, fine dining and global cuisine that rivals any city in the world. And running through it all is the river Thames still the life blood of the city, flanked with culture at every turn. Then come back.


36 Hours in London Itinerary Suggestions



Read our Telegraph Travel expert guide to London, including the best Take advantage of the late opening hours (until 10pm on Fridays and.
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