Who is lebron james father

Anthony McClelland, LeBronís Dad: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

who is lebron james father

The Untold Story Of LeBron James Family REAL FATHER & BROTHER! Very Shocking

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After touching on things like racism and the decision to name his son after himself in the premiere, James discussed what it was like not knowing his father and the influence that experience had on his on journey as a father. First, he discussed the disappointment and the anger, before wondering what it was that may have kept his father away. And it was that lack of knowledge that drove James to be the present father he is. James looks to be an example, not just as an athlete or a philanthropist, but also as a father. And on Friday, he helped pull back the curtain on the experiences that shaped his approach.

One of the most inspiring things about the LeBron James story is the manner in which his rise to NBA stardom has taken place in spite of virtually every set back you can imagine. James has always been candid about the fact that he was born to a year-old sophomore in high school and was abandoned by his father. In a recent interview alongside rapperó and first-time fatheróDrake , the greatest NBA player in a generation explained how growing up without a dad has pushed him to be an even better father to his three kids. While his mother, Gloria James, is a very visible force in his life, his father Anthony McClelland , remains a bit of a mystery. Though James spent years, being angry with his dad, as he explains, an empathetic nature has been central accepting what happened to him and using it to be a better dad himself.

LeBron Raymone James Sr. He won the NBA scoring title , is the all-time NBA playoffs scoring leader, and is fourth in all-time career points scored. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. James played basketball for St. A prep-to-pro , he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers in as the first overall draft pick.

Powered by WordPress. The year-old, ten-years strong, power forward and recently married dad of two spoke about his life and being raised in a single-parent household with just his mom at the helm. McClelland allegedly turned to a life of crimes such as arson and theft and James has never had any contact with his biological dad whatsoever. James, whose life was difficult moving from place to place with his mom as she struggled to make a paltry living, credits her for always keeping him by her side. The larger-than-life player said that not once did he ever feel unloved or unimportant by his mom. In the Instagram excerpt, the text lays over a photo of James in uniform before a game. James never explains why he posted the penetrating words on his Instagram account but perhaps he was motivated by children, who feel cast aside or downtrodden, so they could gain some flicker of hope that dreams can very well come true.

Leicester Stovell alleges that the athlete and his family have been involved in a cover-up to deny paternity by committing fraud and misrepresentation. An earlier test ruled out the possibility, but he said the test could have been tampered with -- "and there are indications that there was a motivation. Stovell said he had sex with James' mother, Gloria James, after meeting at a Washington bar while she was visiting from Ohio in A few months later, she told him she was pregnant, but did not say whether he was the father. Stovell said his only request was that the child, if a boy, play basketball. He said his memory of the encounter resurfaced more than 20 years later, "after being asked whether I had a son, and I then systematically explored all of my past for that possibility.

How did I miss the whole thing that Lebrons dad has been identified as Anthony Mclelland??!!! Totally missed this : pic. James enjoyed the championship celebration with his three children , but made no mention of his estranged dad. In February , James posted a photo to his Instagram account that received instant buzz from the media. The excerpt on the photo was taken from a longer interview James had with GQ , in which he discussed his transition from living in poverty to living as one of the wealthiest athletes in the world. In the interview, James told GQ :.

LeBron James Father Identified?

Gloria gave birth to LeBron when she was just 16 and she raised him by herself. And the tale is that he left Gloria and had no interest in being a father. -






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