Shine bright like a diamond la vie est belle

Julia Roberts ageless as she dances around Paris in Lancome campaign

shine bright like a diamond la vie est belle

Josef Salvat - Diamonds

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I choose what I do. How I feel. How my day will go. This is my life. And these are my choices.

Lancome La vie est belle parfum Featuring Julia Roberts We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky. Shine Shine bright like a diamond ?.
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Julia Roberts perfectly embodies this first gourmand iris fragrance for women. La vie est belle was iconic from the outset. It is the number two fragrance in the United States , number one in Europe and the third best-selling fragrance in the world 1. In , Julia Roberts invited us to be happy by breaking free from conventions. In , she led the way down the path of happiness.

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Few fragrances have achieved such rapid, worldwide success as La vie est belle, which flew with ease to the top of women's favourite fragrance rankings. One reason for this lasting passion is the core message of La vie est belle that happiness is a choice, which frees us from conventions. Another is the reinterpretation of happiness in every aspect of La vie est belle, from the unique signature of its scent to its crystal smile bottle. She's girl next door and glamorous fantasy in one so who better than Julia Roberts to make us believe that happiness is real and as simple and accessible as cinema's most beautiful smile? Her intelligence, aura and generosity have stood the test of time, with reality seeming to triumph over appearance at every turn.

Heres to life.

LA VIE EST BELLE - Who will you make happy today?- by Lancome

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Diamonds

Rihanna feat. Josef Salvat - diamonds. Good look. Available for pre-order here Speed King Video.

By Charlie Lankston For Dailymail. Julia Roberts is an expert at portraying love on the big screen, but for her latest turn in front of the cameras, the Oscar winner put aside her own romantic roles and tried her hand at playing matchmaker instead. The dreamy clip, which was shot by French filmmaker Bruno Aveillan, takes place in Paris, and shows Julia wondering the streets of the city at night, looking radiant in a simple cream dress and metallic heels. Standing out: The year-old actress's latest ad for the brand is set in Paris. Spreading joy: In the film, Julia is seen spreading joy to those around her, including a particularly upset couple who were in the middle of a tense argument. Set to an a capella remake of Rihanna's Diamonds, the video - which promotes the brand's La vie est belle fragrance - captures a surreal take on the French capital, with the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the background against a vibrant purple sky. But while the mother-of-three has a smile on her face, and seems delighted to be soaking up the sights and sounds of the city, she is surrounded by frowning faces, with the people around her seemingly preoccupied by the stresses and worries in their everyday lives.

Shine bright: Set to an a capella version of Rihanna's Diamonds, the . and the vision of universal, free-spirited femininity that La vie est belle is.
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