Lotters will be shot on sight

Fake Photographs: Harvey Edition

lotters will be shot on sight

Aug 28, A series of photographs show the impact of Hurricane Harvey. Itís practically inevitable for fake or misleading photographs to circulate in the wake of a major natural disaster. An image purportedly showing a shark swimming down the highway tends to recirculate on social media.

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The fakes just keep on coming. And frankly it's hard to keep up with all the internet-fueled deception. Today we're taking a look at a few more dubious images that you may have seen floating around the web recently. Punking Putin? Airplane selfies? Rocket to Uranus?

Carey Hart is making it clear that he is not afraid to exercise his Second Amendment rights against looters. While families in Malibu are busy fighting off flames, the former motocross star declared he would defend properties affected by the Woolsey Fire against thieves. Pink's husband took to Instagram Tuesday to post a picture of a dozen gun-wielding men ó dubbed the "P. Pink and Hart were among the tens of thousands of people who were forced to flee their homes. The "What About Us" singer expressed gratitude to first responders for their tireless effort.

Flip Through Images. With a hurricane comes the elite! Add Meme Post Comment. Best first. The photo has been Photoshopped. If you download the photo and open it up and zoom in, you realize the the letters have been inserted. You can specifically tell by the edging on all the letters, by the haze produced,as when you insert letters in "Paint Program" on a photo and the fact of the "S" on the word "sight" as it curves in a weird manner next to the deputies wrist on his knee.

Hurricane Harvey | "Lotters will be shoot a photo and the fact of the "S" on the word "sight" as it curves in a weird manner next to the deputies wrist on his knee.
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Snopes needs your help! Learn more. So when images of the destruction from Hurricane Harvey first appeared on social media in late August , many users were wary about which images they could trust. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the most popular and misleading photographs that circulated in the wake of Hurricane Harvey:. An image purportedly showing a shark swimming down the highway tends to recirculate on social media after any event involving massive flooding.

Paul Bremer, the newly appointed American administrator of Iraq , has taken a tough line by saying he would authorise soldiers to shoot looters on sight as part of a strategy to regain control of the streets of Baghdad, officials said. The policy would please the Iraqi middle classes, who have never known the rule of law and feel that their homes, families and businesses are at risk from armed gangs. Mr Bremer wants to make a quick impression by resolving the deadlock which prevents American forces from patrolling Baghdad and has prevented the hoped-for transformation of Saddam's police into a new force that would inspire confidence. Officials addressed by Mr Bremer on Tuesday were quoted in The New York Times as saying he wanted to see a change in the rules of engagement covering American troops to get the situation under control. Mr Bremer refused to comment on his plans in public yesterday, except to say: "The existing rules of engagement have not been changed, to my knowledge.

Looters 'to be shot on sight by US troops'


Pink's husband Carey Hart threatens California wildfire looters 'will be shot on site'


With a hurricane comes the elite!






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