Rats the size of cats

Rats the Size of House Cats Invade the Florida Keys

rats the size of cats

Giant Rats Can Detect Tuberculosis! - Extraordinary Animals - Series 2 - Earth

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In , Michael H. Parsons finally secured a site to study rats in New York City. Parsons and his team set up motion-triggered cameras around the plant. And they set out pheromones to start collecting data. For scientists who try to control every possible variable in their experiments, the cats could have been a disaster.

Rats "as big as cats" were said to be everywhere in west Auckland's Titirangi Village, where authorities are scrambling to get the infestation under control. One resident said the rats were "not scared of humans" and were coming out boldly into the open.
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TWO-foot super rats as large as domestic cats are invading homes on a London housing estate. The beasts - which an expert says are the largest he's ever seen - were captured in the south of the city. The Lord says he was carrying out a routine inspection of his traps in a housing estate in Tooting, south London, when he discovered the beasts. But the rats were so massive the traps didn't even kill them - leading to suppliers considering that the plague of super rats may now be so bad that bigger traps are needed to finish them off. The pest controller said he had never had a haul like it in the 15 years since he started his company Lord Environmentals. It is a serious issue. They are getting bigger and bigger.

Gangs of huge rats have been causing trouble in the Auckland suburb of Titirangi, attracted to food left for stray chickens. The chickens are a Titirangi icon, but recently a member of the community has been leaving food out for them, allowing the birds to multiply - and attracting rodents. Developments in Titirangi mean the gangs of rodents have moved into the village, which is a problem because they aren't small. But some resident-initiated attempts to fix it have caused more problems, with one endeavour to remove the chickens ending in disaster. Jack hopes the chickens can be rounded up and removed humanely without the use of poisons that could damage other wildlife. Study shows there's no 'gay gene'.

Pest controller catches monster rat the size of a CAT - and warns rodents are getting bigger








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    Terry Walker has released photographs of the inch rat he caught on a business estate in Poole, Dorset.

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    In some parts of the world, such as the remote rain forests of Papua New Guinea, certain rat species can grow quite large. But even then, those rare rodents.

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