The dolly llama ice cream

The Dolly Llama

the dolly llama ice cream

Ice Cream at The Dolly Llama - Korea Town - Los Angeles

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The days of plain old ice cream are no more. People value the unique ways their dessert is presented; almost as much as they enjoy eating it. Innovation in the dessert world is reaching new heights, with different, quirky shops popping up all over the place. Quickly becoming the hottest dessert spot in Downtown, the Dolly Llama specializes in three different types of dessert-style waffles—the o. The o. The waffle stick, is long rather than wide, and instead of square pockets, v-shaped pockets allow for maximum topping space. Now, the bubble waffle is what makes the Dolly Llama stand out.

A lovely spot for a treat - delicious, but a bit pricey. The young woman at the counter was very charming and friendly. The design of this shop is as cute as they come, definitely Social Media ready! The bubble waffle was not as good as one that we get in Huntington Beach, but was still tasty. I would try the waffle ice cream sandwich next time

DTLA, Calif. You might recognize this address! Its previous tenants were the once popular crepe parlor, Syrup. We're happy to welcome Dolly Llama to the neighborhood and find their waffles to be rather tasty, too! There are three main categories of waffles to choose from when ordering.

The Dolly Llama doubling in size this summer is already thrilling, but the debut of our kiosk format will also broaden the possibilities for future Dolly Llama expansion. The Bubble Waffle hails from Hong Kong and is the 1 street food. Unlike regular waffles, the Bubble Waffle batter produces a unique crispy and custard-like texture that makes for a one-of-a-kind waffle experience. The first step is to choose the waffle and optional ice cream scoop, which is available in vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, coffee, horchata, matcha green tea, or ultimate cookie monster. Sauces come next with a selection including Nutella, maple syrup, peanut butter, milk and dark chocolate, caramel, white chocolate Matcha, sweetened condensed milk, and speculoos, followed by a list of more than 24 toppings ranging from fresh fruit to breakfast cereal. The Dolly Llama also features chef-curated and customer inspired limited-time creations released in conjunction with holidays.

Cookie monster ice cream, strawberries, brownies and Nutella sauce. Cookie monster ice cream, whole milk, Oreo crumbs, whipped cream, Kinder chocolate bars and chocolate sauce. Horchata ice cream, speculoos cookie, cinnamon toast crunch and caramel sauce. Vanilla ice cream, banana, almonds and peanut butter sauce. Salted caramel ice cream, Kinder bar, animal cookies and chocolate sauce.

The Dolly LIama - Downtown

The Dolly Llama is a Koreatown waffle joint that allows patrons to choose from one of three different types of waffles, then complete their dessert with ice creams, drizzles and toppings. One premixed combination includes a cone-shaped waffle with blue Cookie Monster ice cream, Nutella, strawberries and a toasted marshmallow. Join Daily Bruin staffers each week as they visit different dessert joints, going behind the scenes to give you an exclusive look into the creation of trending sugary concoctions.

Los Angeles’ Waffle Master, The Dolly Llama, Announces Two New Locations Coming This Summer

Are you looking for a unique dessert in Los Angeles? Dolly Llama is best known for their take on the bubble waffle. While the traditional Hong Kong style bubble waffle features light, air-filled bubbles, Dolly Llama puts a Belgian spin on theirs. Their pastry chef spent a year in Paris perfecting the Dolly Llama waffle batter. The waffle takes the form of a Hong Kong style bubble waffle but has the density and richness of a Belgian waffle.

A bubble waffle, sometimes called an egg waffle, is almost like the inverse of the waffles most of us are familiar with. Instead of pockets, these waffles puff out, like a sheet of bubble wrap. They are soft and chewy, with a light sweetness when eaten plain. They specializes in waffles, which they sell in three forms: your classic waffle, the waffle stick and, of course, the doughy bubble waffle. Many of L.

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    The Dolly Llama Waffle Master specializes in unique, hand crafted dessert waffles paired with Artisanal Ice Cream and personalized toppings.

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    The Dolly Llama Delivery - S Western Ave Los Angeles | Order Online With Grubhub

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