Who is the richest man in the world presently

Richest people in the world

who is the richest man in the world presently

Who do you think made the Top Five on Forbes magazine's annual billionaires list for ? Well, here's a hint: two are Harvard dropouts, four.

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Well, here's a hint: two are Harvard dropouts, four are American, one is French, and one of them filed his first tax return at age Though Amazon. Bezos' other projects include aerospace company Blue Origin, The Washington Post which he bought in , and the 10,year clock, also known as the Long Now. One of the two Harvard dropouts in the Top Five, Bill Gates' knack for increasing wealth is staggering, even for a rich guy. He first bought shares in a textile company called Berkshire Hathaway in , becoming the majority shareholder by

Waiting out the trade war is the best option for China, while it boosts its economy which is largely driven by consumers Ś not trade, say analysts. Some are calling for a ban of live facial recognition, where surveillance cameras equipped with the technology scan people in public places. Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong was arrested Friday, ahead of another week of mass protests that has gripped the city for the last three months. Philippine Secretary of Finance Carlos Dominguez didn't specify whether the two leaders discussed an arbitration court ruling in that rejected China's claims in the South Stocks jumped after China said it wished to resolve its protracted trade dispute with the world's largest economy with a "calm" attitude.

And the eight richest have the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world Ś nearly 4 billion people. If these top billionaires continue to see returns on their wealth, we could see the world's first trillionaire in as little as 25 years. Currently, there are over 1, billionaires in the world, with more than in the US alone. China, Germany, and India each have or more billionaires who call the countries home, according to a report from UBS. Ahead, nine of the world's wealthiest people Ś according to Forbes' Billionaire List Ś that have more wealth than half the world's population. Net worth estimates are current as of January

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Who are the richest people in the world? Forbes releases latest list


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been named the richest person in the world with an estimated worth of $ billion dollars (ł billion).
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