Upper class twit of the year

Upper Class Twit of the Year

upper class twit of the year

Upper Class Twit of the Year is a sketch that appears in "The Naked Ant," the twelfth episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus. It also appears in And Now for.

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Sign in. For his latest role in Don't Let Go David Oyelowo goes to a dark place and embraces fear in the latest Blumhouse film. Watch now. Title: The Naked Ant 04 Jan The th annual Twit of the Year Show.

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Contact MontyPython. Five competitors run onto the pitch. You join us just as the competitors are running out onto the field on this lovely winter's afternoon here, with the going firmunderfoot and very litde sign of rain. Well it certainly looks as though we're in for a splendid afternoon's sport in this the th Upperclass Twit of the Year Show. Well the competitors will be off in a moment so let me just identify for you. Simon-Zinc-Trumpet-Harris, married to a very attractive table lamp. Nigel Incubator-Jones, his best friend is a tree, and in his spare time he's a stockbroker.

The Naked Ant

Monty Python - Upper Class Twit Of The Year

It is about an obstacle-course race among five stereotypical, upper-class twits imbeciles , to determine the th Annual Upper-Class Twit of the Year. At the start, the twits face the wrong way, so the starter turns them round, then they don't run because they don't know they have to move when the gun goes off. The three coffins of the winning Twits are placed on the medal rostrum and medals are draped around them. The sketch was filmed at Hurlingham Park in Fulham , a location presumably chosen for its proximity to Television Centre. John Cleese has stated that the idea for the "wake the neighbour" part was inspired by an apartment he once rented that was near a bar whose patrons kept him awake at night when they slammed the doors to their cars.



Upper-Class Twit






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    Wag kang mag alala pagod na ako spoken words no me quiero ir sr stark

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    Sign in.

  3. Juan P. P. says:

    The Upper Class Twit of the Year is a classic comedy sketch that was seen on the Monty Python's Flying Circus episode "The Naked Ant" (series 1.

  4. Charlot F. says:

    It is notable for its satire on dim-witted members of the English upper class.

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