Is the view on hiatus

Here’s How Long ‘The View’ Will Be on Summer Hiatus

is the view on hiatus

When 'The View' returns from its summer break, here's who ABC says the cast will look like when the show returns from its summer hiatus.

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Now, similar rumors are swirling about Whoopi Goldberg. When asked what kind of creative fulfillment she got from moderating the daytime program, she responded, "it's my job. That "other stuff" includes creating the new size-inclusive fashion line Dugbee , selling and promoting medical cannabis products , and, as she teased, penning a new book. For Whoopi, being on The View is a form of acting for her. My friends and I can talk about things in depth in a different way than you can on television," she added. Apparently, many took her responses as a sign that the Sister Act star was gearing up to leave her daytime gig. As it turns out, View fans have nothing to worry about — at least, that's what an ABC spokesperson recently said.

If you watched The View in the last week of July, you caught what was the end of a very eventful Season Along the way, viewers witnessed Joy Behar shut down Meghan McCain , Abby Huntsman join the show before leaving to give birth, and Sunny Hostin find herself in multiple feuds. Early in , Whoopi stared death in the face during a grueling bout with pneumonia plus sepsis. While Whoopi pulled through, fans of The View may not have realized how close the show came to its de facto end. So that will cause many to wonder what exactly the cast will look like when the show returns from its summer hiatus.

'The View' star Whoopi Goldberg said in a recent 'New York Times' are expected to go on a brief summer hiatus at the beginning of August.
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Representative, Mark Sanford who is considering a primary run against President Trump, joins the co-hosts via satellite. Find out what the co-hosts of The View are wearing! Follow The View on Instagram. Get tickets to be in our live studio audience! All rights reserved.

In a week when fans of The View might hope to hear Whoopi Goldberg respond to the Mariah Carey controversy, no one will get the chance. Starting Monday August 5, the show will be on its summer hiatus. As with school and most grownup work, the show kicks back into gear after Labor Day. Despite rumors of Meghan McCain leaving , it appears the same five co-hosts as the previous season will return in September. Granted, even if The View were to add or subtract one of the ladies at the table before September, ABC might not announce it.

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    ‘View’ insiders see Joy and Whoopi sticking around through the 2020 election.

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    If you're looking for a new episode of 'The View,' it's going to be a while. Here's when the show will return with new episodes on ABC.

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