Raiders of the lost ark villain

Cinema’s Ultimate Jerks #18: Rene Belloq from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

raiders of the lost ark villain

of the Best-Picture nominated action-adventure film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rene Belloq explaining to Indy what could be hidden inside the Ark of the .


Long story short, Adolf Hitler is on the look out for religious artefacts that he thinks will be able to help him win World War II, and America has actionable intelligence that the Nazis have found something pretty serious. Imagine telling the story of how you met to your grand-kids. For some reason the Belloq action figure looks like he should be in The Untouchables. Who knows? In a thousand years, even you may be worth something. Comeuppance: Oh man, what a doozy. Belloq reckons that they should probably test out the Ark before they deliver it to Hitler in case it turns out to be a dud or whatever, so they go to an ominous looking cave on a weird old island, and decide to crack the thing open and have a peek inside.

Loyal to Adolf Hitler , Toht did everything he could to contribute to the search for the Ark. Although deep down he did not believe in the supernatural, it was the power of the Ark that would be his undoing. Major Arnold Ernst Toht [3] had at least one sibling, a sister named Ilsa. Over time, Toht became a skilled torturer and interrogator, relishing the opportunity to inflict pain and suffering even for its own sake, and a firm believer in the Nazi doctrine. Toht and his surbordinate Otto hired three henchmen off the streets of Kathmandu , Nepal known as the Ratty Nepalese , the Mean Mongolian and the Giant Sherpa and followed Indiana Jones to The Raven bar in Patan where Toht tried to take the piece by preparing to torture Marion with a hot iron, but Indiana Jones appeared and intervened, disarming Toht with his bull whip.

He is the archenemy of Indiana Jones. Belloq was a French archaeologist who takes credit for Indiana's findings.
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Over 35 years after its debut, Raiders of the Lost Ark remains one of the most exciting, popular, and influential action films ever made. Even people who haven't seen Raiders are probably familiar with the rolling boulder that caps off the film's first big set piece, the film's face-melting finale, and its swaggering hero, Indiana Jones. But while some movies are timeless, most actors aren't. Aside from the obvious hello, Mr. Ford , many of the actors who appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark are still toiling away in relative obscurity—if they're still in show business at all.

All the henchmen who went into the bar with Toht died during the ensuing fight with Jones and Ravenwood, during which Marion's bar was set ablaze. Toht noticed the headpiece lying on the ground during the skirmish, but when he tried to pick it up, he badly burned his hand as the headpiece had been lying too close to the fire. Screaming in pain, he ran outside and plunged his hand into the snow. He eventually fled with a serious burn scar on his palm. From this scar, the Nazis were able to create a crude, one-sided reproduction of the headpiece.

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Major Arnold Ernst Toht




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