Ahora dice remix lyrics english

Ahora Dice: Translations in English and Lyrics - Chris Jeday

ahora dice remix lyrics english

Cardi B - Ahora Dice (Remix) Verse HD

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Latin trap has become an unstoppable movement, especially after the song "Ahora Dice" by Chris Jeday with Ozuna , J Balvin and Arcangel became an international hit. Although we thought that the song would remain in , it has been revived with a new explosive version with Anuel AA and superstar Cardi B. Now, on the new remix, Cardi spices it up with her sweet voice singing the following lyric:. You ain't cherish shit when you had it Turn me back to a savage Grab your stuff while you at it Now my heart as cold as my Patek, uh. Man, I guess you've been away now See me on the way up, you on your way down You had you a 10, but now you a dub You ain't here, but you wishing you was. You gon' miss grabbing this ass Now you can miss me with them subs You don't gotta check on me 'cause I got a check on me I don't need nothing from nobody , not you especially. And you know that I'm the baddest , Cartier glasses, Fendi fabric And I'm years away from basic, and I'm miles away from average But, one thing ain't adding up to me How you gon' mess with a bitch that look up to me, off.

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Find any song lyrics translated into English, Spanish, French and other languages! Song meanings, Translation of lyrics. You are not Angelina and I am Brad Pitt It is that when he walks he combines the Louis portfolio with his brown eyes as Chris If I want to get him shot by Kik, he was hard on the high and now he's At its peak The baby is gymnast in the bed makes split, after two powders asks me Repeat He wants it rudely, asks to suck it while I shake it I am a warrior in my hand a shield if she cooks just like she moves Mute He has blond hair, if he does not look for it he comes to the studio She says that I am her hurricane because when I touch her, she becomes excited and provokes a Flood [Chorus]: I do not know what's wrong with me, I only think about you I do not know if it was the way you made me come You fell in love, you fell in love You fell in love and it's not good to fall in love like that [Lary Over]: I remember when you kissed me, I remember when you touched me Devil, how did you do that, why did you love me?

Ahora dice (English translation)

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Cardi B Previews Her Next Potential Hit On Instagram





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    Cardi B Previews Her Next Potential Hit On Instagram

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