Alligator eats woman walking dog

Nine-foot alligator bites South Carolina woman walking her dog

alligator eats woman walking dog

A year-old woman is recovering after being bitten by an 8-tofoot alligator while walking her dog near her Hilton Head Island home — and.

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A South Carolina woman was injured in an alligator attack while walking her dog near a pond at night, police said. The attack happened at around 10 p. Monday Sun City, South Carolina, police said in a statement on Tuesday, warning residents to be vigilant when waking near local ponds and lagoons. They said she sustained bites to her wrist, hand and leg , but did not detail the severity of her injuries. An alligator, described as about 9 feet in length, was captured near the same area sometime later and euthanized by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the office said. The sheriff's office said alligator attacks are uncommon in the area, but is urged residents to "be careful," especially at night.

By Ben Feuerherd. A South Carolina woman was bitten by a nine-foot alligator while walking her dog on Monday night, police said. The year-old woman was walking her dog near a pond in Sun City at about 10 p. Alligator trappers that are contracted by the state were dispatched to the area and captured the alligator after it darted out of the pond, authorities said. Read Next.

Florida Woman Says Large Alligator Ate Her Pound Dog Lakeland, that she was walking her 6-year-old dog, Tank, by a retention pond.
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An alligator bit a year-old South Carolina woman on Monday night while she was walking her dog, leaving her with injuries to her arms and legs, according to officials. The attack occurred at around 10 p. The woman was walking by a pond close to her home, the county Sheriff's Office said. Officers said that the animal bit the woman on her wrist, hand and legs but did not reveal the extent of her injuries, ABC News reported. However, an official from the Bluffton Township Fire District—which responded to the incident—indicated that her wounds may have been significant. Alligator attacks are rare in this area. Nevertheless, the sheriff's office reminded residents to be vigilant when walking near ponds or lagoons, particularly in the evenings.

The apparent alligator attack that resulted in the death of a Florida woman who was walking her dogs near a lake is an extremely rare occurrence, authorities said. An estimated 5 million American gators live in the southeastern United States -- about one-quarter of them in Florida alone -- but the likelihood of being seriously hurt from an "unprovoked alligator incident in Florida is roughly only one in 3. Summer is mating season, which can mean more active and territorial alligators, according to experts. Shizuka Matsuki had disappeared Friday in Davie, Florida, before her dogs were found wandering alone, one badly injured, officials said. Authorities later found Matsuki's body and captured and killed an alligator measuring 12 feet 6 inches in length. When the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission performed a necropsy on the reptile, they found Matsuki's arm, identified by a tattoo, in the gator's stomach, officials said. MyFWC is working to find out how Matsuki, 47, came into contact with the gator.

Woman walking dog victim of gator attack




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