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life is strange arcadia bay

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Whoa, spoiler alert! This page contains spoilers for Life is Strange 2. Proceed at your own discretion. Arcadia Bay is a fictional, picturesque seaside town in Oregon, United States, that originally appears in Life is Strange. It reappears in Life is Strange: Before the Storm , the prequel to the first game, and in the franchise's newest installment Life is Strange 2. It was originally inhabited and founded by Native Americans , as mentioned by Ms. According to her, when the settlers arrived they lived peacefully with one another.

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Professor Michelle Grant is a teacher at Blackwell Academy. She teaches mathematics and science, and Max considers her to be a great science teacher. Michelle knows a lot about the Native American background of the city of Arcadia Bay , and has a secret wish to teach local lore and legends. Michelle is a passionate and helpful teacher. She is kind to Max and is very approachable. Her students seem to admire her. Michelle Grant is among the characters who can be seen before Max acquires the rewind.

Damn, lots of info here This article is a stub. You are welcome to help filling it with information. Life is Strange: Dust and Life is Strange: Waves are arcs of the officially licensed ongoing comic series based on Life is Strange by Titan Comics that was launched on November 14, The collection of the first story arc Issue , called "Life Is Strange Volume 1: Dust" was released in paperback format on May 21,

Max and Chloe visit this location several times during the events of Life is Strange , also due to the bay line localization, the avenue takes the brunt of the storm during Episode 5, suffering dramatic changes in the process. Max can also explore a small area of the avenue, in the vicinity of the diner and take two optional photos, one outside, the other inside the diner. Max visits the "Two Whales Diner" again in Episode 3. She also has the chance to explore the surroundings of the diner again, this time including Frank's RV. Again Max can also take two optional photos, this time both outside the diner. During Episode 5, the avenue is almost unrecognizable, a scenario of chaos and destruction, as the raging storm comes ever closer.

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